accident or poor finger placement?

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    im sure just about everybody has seen this video...but i can only wonder if the lady cop had a twicthy trigger finger?,malfuntioning weapon?,soft primers?,or just hates mullets?[ame=]YouTube - accidental shooting[/ame]
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    Stupid, just stupid. She has no business carrying a gun. How do you "accidentally" shoot a double action Beretta unless you manually cock the hammer first? Maybe that is how you decock that version, pull the trigger?


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    Let me preface my statement with this: I have the utmost respect for ALL law enforcement officers. They're the thin blue line and the VAST, VAST majority of them work very hard and dilligently to both be the best they can be, and to do the best job they can do. I've had the honor to work with, befriend, train, train with and at some points even live with law enforcement officers so PLEASE, nobody take this the wrong way.

    That said, some law enforcement officers are able to train more often and harder than others. Some are encouraged to train more rigorously than others. Some law enforcement organizations have better training budgets and/or regimens than others and some chiefs, sheriffs and jurisdictions hold their officers to more or less rigorous training standards than others. What I'm getting at is that anyone can make a mistake; it's training that reduces these mistakes and lengthens the amount of time between those mistakes. The more one trains and the harder one trains, the less the mistakes happen and the less dangerous the mistakes are when they do happen.

    What am I getting at? I've known dozens of law enforcement officers who, weapons drawn, would never let this happen. Most of them train constantly, are held to VERY high standards by their leadership and in most cases, they're prior service military and while in the service they were held to equally high standards. I've also known a small handful of law enforcement officers who weren't as well trained. Some because they were new, some because they were not held to a high standard by their departments and others because their departments didn't have the budgets to push constant and regular training. This is not to say that these people weren't good at their jobs; they were. This isn't to say they weren't good people; they were. But less training means a higher likelihood of an "oops" happening, and when firearms and the law and badges are involved, an "oops" could be really, really bad for a lot of people.

    Video cameras make an "oops" even worse.

    It's really, really hard for me to criticize ANY law enforcement officer, as they're out there putting their asses in harm's way. However, in direct response to the video in question, I can only say that assuming the officer involved was otherwise a competent one, some administrative leave and extensive time spent at the range would go a long way towards making sure something like this never happens again, assuming a mechanical malfunction wasn't the cause of this frightening occurence.

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    Agreed. No such thing as an "accidental discharge". It's "poor handling" in almost every case!

    Not being preachy; I've had a couple, including a 9mm through the meaty part of my left hand. I was racking the slide rapidly because of repeated FTF - turned out to be a very rough feed ramp - and I had my finger on the trigger instead of along the slide or on the butt. Lesson learned, and very lucky it wasn't worse.
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    The threat was low so there was no reason for finger on the trigger. WTF, I would expect she either went through extensive retraining or was released all together. The expense of an accidental discharge by a LEO can easily run into the millions of dollars. Even more the image this gives of officers that do there job well daily is unfair.
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    Jim (retired LEO)...................................:(:eek::(
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    There is no accidents when handling a gun. She should be stripped of her badge and her right to own and carry a firearm. I am sorry that is just STUPID and piss poor gun handling. I know some towns can't afford a lot of money for training. If that is so why are you not doing it yourself? I would think that officers would do that, I know I would. I would use any excuse to get to the range. I think there should be guidelines set forth that state every officer should have 300 hours a year on a range.

    That is a little over 5 hours a week for 52 weeks. Not a lot seeing as they are carrying every day.
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    Could just be a Nevada thing.... [ame=]YouTube - Dungeons & Dragons nut gets arrested[/ame]