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    So, we all discuss the wonderful world of AR's and tossing ammo down the hill, uber cool RDSs, all sorts of rails, sights and stocks...flashlights that would make Helen Keller blink and our other geehaws and doodads. But...what about safety equipment?

    I use foam ear plugs and ear muffs, and my glasses are prescription, safety glasses. I don't wear gloves because I have nerve damage in my right hand, and can barely feel as it is. With gloves on? No chance.
    Reason I'm asking this? I have been considering some better hearing protection (preferably non-ear muff type) that is about $100 or so for each set, and figured someone on here probably had some. Any recommendations, as well as other things in your pack? (I carry a can of lube and my wrench, as well as rod and rags.)
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    I use electronic ear pro. No more yelling, I can hear crickets and the wind blowing through trees but 2 hands clapping are muffled. Surefire makes some in the ear ear pro but I have never tried any.

    Lead is my biggest concern and often find myself washing my hands repeatedly or wearing rubber gloves when loading mags or cleaning firearms. I also carry a clean rag and hand sanatizer in the range bag.

    I also carry unloaded w/ the bolt locked to the rear until I'm on the line.

    Tools are always a good thing to carry. I can't afford to waste gas driving to the range to end up w/ a malfunctioning weapon. I carry a variety of hex and star wrenches along w/ Gerber multi-tool and AR wrench. There are also multiple pairs of safety glasses. Some cool guy WileyX tinted shooting sunglasses, smoked safety glasses, and clear safety glasses along w/ around 10 pairs of foam plugs. 1 is none, 2 is one, and a **** ton is just enough.