Accessories for Savage Axis?

Discussion in 'Firearm Accessories & Gear' started by krisko09, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. krisko09

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    So I just went out and bought Savage Arms's Axis in .223, specifically for yote hunting. I have a general idea of the setup I want to do with it, BUT price is an issue (as always). Just curious if anyone has any setups that they love or have any suggestions?

    Scope? 3-9, 4, 4-12? Brand?
    Bipod? Shooting stick? Sling?
    Laser? Flashlight?

    What do you guys use/suggest? Keep in mind I can't go spend $600 on a Leupold with night vision and all the bells and whistles hahaha
  2. godale

    godale New Member

    center point scope illuminated reticle 4x16x40 and 69.00 at wally
    super sling 2 19.99 at wally
    caldwell bi pod notched leg 49.00 shipped cheaper than dirt
    caldwell shooting stick 30.00 from cheaper than dirt
    dont know about flash lights my poor eyesight doesnt permit night hunting

  3. Marlinman

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    Flash lights you will have to check your state laws on. Lasers are illegal in all states for huntin as far as i know.

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  4. purehavoc

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    Savage Axis $319 w cheapo scope and rings
    Bushnell Banner 6-24X40 $102 new on amazon
    Winchester bipod $39
    If you have decent glass you will be able to see at night if you have a decent moon and no cloud cover
    ever thought about a 12v varmint light ?
  5. krisko09

    krisko09 New Member

    Right now I have the axis with the cheapo 3-9x32 that came on it. Added a cheapo winchester bipod and wally world sling. Flashlights are legal for yotes in IL, just can't be connected to a vehicle. Would like to find a quality light that I could mount for cheap and a good scope too. Im gunna look into that bushnell banner that u mentioned on amazon.

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  6. elfmdl

    elfmdl New Member

    I have a .223 savage axis
    With a 4x12 Redfield scope - $210
    Scope covers - $20
    Caldwell 9-13" bipod - $40
  7. krisko09

    krisko09 New Member

  8. jpattersonnh

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    I bought a different bipod other then a Harris. What a piece of Sh!t. It was a Caldwell. Pure junk. OP, don't buy cheap! There are some great options that are not cheaply made, but inexpesive. Nothing is more frustrating then having something fail or not work in the feild. Get a Harris Bipod, Look at a Sightron SII scope, Bases are more importent. Warne Maxima bases and rings work perfectly. You can go inexpensive, but do yourself a favor, don't buy cheap. It will cost you more long term. Replacing components costs more then buying a piece at a time for better qaulity that will last.
  9. Catfish

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    I gave $ 250 for an Axis in 22-250 with a scope but only a box of ammo through it. I took it home and put on a Leupold scope that I gave $ 400 for used. I now know that the gun shoots real well. I plan on takeing that scope off and putting on eather a 3 x 9 or a 3 1/2 x 10 Leupold. DO NOT BUY CHEAP SCOPES!!!!