Absolutely Nuts: Russian Military Training Video Shows Intense Shooting Tactics

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by Bigcountry02, Mar 17, 2014.

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    Interesting and instructive. This one's for real. The handgun used by Andry looks like the Grach ("Rook"), a Russian-made Glock derivative. (Glock-fanboy-bashers, take a mental note)

    As the host indicated, these practitioners are more disposable than their US counterparts. The least of their future troubles will be a permanent hearing loss.
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    I am not sure what to make of that, I won't be trying it anytime soon.
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    Russians were always nuts when it came to training in the military doesn't necessarily mean squat though when faced with our lean green machines in the army and marines and our flyboys and navy guys we would destroy them in conventional warfare and unconventional warfare only problem is nukes

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    I counted at least 2 NDs.
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    I didn't understand the whole shoot at the ground while pushing the guys back. I know these are Russians and all, but for real the guy was shooting his firearm at the ground while looking up at the other guy. He could have hit someone or feet!!
  8. Mercator

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    It is good to remember also, this is not a private video shoot. I have no doubt it was sanctioned, if not initiated, by the KGB. There is no way Larry Vickers could just invite himself to a Russian Spetznaz practice. This is sophisticated propaganda, with a touch of intimidation. Nobody wants to tussle with a crazy guy, right? It caught attention, we are discussing it - mission accomplished.
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    No matter how well conditioned physically, they are mentally conditioned by their society to act in their own best interest. The post Soviet Russian society is cut throat, the weak don't survive. Everyone for themselves.

    So far, when it came to real counterterrorist operations, the results were mediocre. The incidents are well known.
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    They should use mosin :)

    mammas dont let your cowboys grow up to be babies
    better dead than red
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    I believe the whole shooting into the ground thing is either to simulate shooting one of the harassers, or to scare off the harassers. Considering they are slinging rounds within inches of their buddies heads, I highly doubt any of those guys are worried about a lil bit of lead in their toes. Crazy effers.
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    The Russians have pretty good training, have at least high school educations, and, while we retain certain technological advantages, we've never engaged a first rate military in a shooting war since WWII. It's a safe bet that that would be a bad idea.

    The bubbas our military is fighting in Dirka Dirkastan may have heart but they're generally as dumb as a bag of hammers and lack much in the way of real military equipment or training. The Russians don't have that problem.

    The Imperial Japanese Army and Wehrmacht didn't stop fighting us because they realized how superior our military was to theirs, they ran out of beans, bullets, and gas.

    My guess is that if the Germans had our manufacturing capability and access to oil, we would have been in deep, deep trouble. That's pretty much what fighting the Russians will be like. The Germans learned that lesson for us.
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    " It's all fun until somebody loses an eye ".

    If you ever saw someone die of a bullet wound, you wouldn't want to engage in training this risky .

    Of course an argument can be made that this training makes better gunfighters out of the Russians and that it is worth it even if someone gets shot . I have a hard time accepting that .

    I can imagine rigorous training involving firing at a moving target as a machine fires airsoft BBs at you or standing behind armor as real bullets are fired at you or running until you are out of breath before engaging bad guy targets behind hostage targets in dim light ---All of which would be safe .

    By the way , I always thought the Russians were taught to shoot the 'good guy' targets .
  14. Mercator

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    Crazy like a fox. This is a "soft" psychological warfare piece delivered through an esteemed American host. Perfecto.

    As for the jackass drills, the only way to prove or disprove their effectiveness is to meet the practitioners head-on in combat. We don't want that for a number of reasons. So chances are we (and they) will never know.
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    It's not like the Blaze wouldn't make up some BS. Not the Blaze, they are always on the up and up. Why is no one in uniform? We have a bunch of idiots with bandanas on their face, who are to freakin fat to pass a PFT. Yet they are Russian specops? I smell the sh!t getting deep.
  16. Mercator

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    Well, Larry said they were real... One thing for sure, they do train this way in the Spetsnaz. It goes way back to the Soviet times. One traditional favorite is a crushing hit in the back (shirtless) with a 2x4.
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    There is a huge difference in getting whacked with a 2x4 than playing with live ammo. A 2x4 is only going to transfer so much energy before it snaps.
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    The Russians got their a$$ handed to them in Afghanistan. Canadians ran Kandahar Province for about 3 years with crap equipment.

    Spetsnaz shmetznaz.
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    my father has bunch of old rough cut hardwood 2x4's about 60 years old and dang near as hard as steel. care to prove that they will snap?
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    I'm sure they would snap at some point, I mean after you beat a dozen guys or so to death it would take it's toll;) good thing he has a bunch.:p