ABC6 "Stand Your Ground" Town Hall Columbus

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    ABC6 WSYX in Columbus will be hosting a town hall style meeting on Stand Your Ground (or, more accurately, "No Duty To Retreat") at the OSU Union September 24th 7-8pm. Ohio's legislature is currently considering expanding citizens' self-defense rights with HB 203. Some argue it doesn't go far enough - others that it goes too far. ABC6 is hosting a panel representing both sides in what may be a rather lively debate. While you could certainly view the streaming video once it becomes available, imagine how much more satisfying it would be in person! ...and watching a streaming video doesn't really show the support actually being there does.
    Attendance is free, but registration IS required.

    ABC6 Town Hall: "Stand Your Ground Laws"

    The registration form is down near the bottom of the page. Show your support. Come be part of the audience for what is sure to be an enjoyable evening.
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    We are moving forward with this :)

    Heading to the Senate for consideration