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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by porky323, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. porky323

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    how can i tighten up my a2 fixed butt stock? the spacer and every thing is in place and the butt screw is as tight as i can get it , but still has a little play in it . you can twist the stock just a little, very annoying, suggestions? thanks, porky.
  2. Sniper03

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    Is the protrusion on the front of the Stock into the recessed area of the rear of the Receiver and the stock all the way against the Receiver? The protrusion should fit snugly into the recess at the back of the Receiver which keeps the stock from moving at all side to side.
    The other issue might be that you have a Mil-Spec Extension Tube (Buffer Tube) and a Commercial A-2 Stock. Since the diameter of the Mil-Spec Extension Tube is 1.146 and the standard Commercial Extension tube is 1.170, if you use the commercial stock on the mil-spec tube there is excessive slop and movement!
    Just a thought!


  3. kenhesr

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    Is the reciever extension tight into the lower, as in Real tight?

    Every time I've had an A2 buttstock loosen up it has always been because the extension tube is trying to unscrew out of the lower frame.

    I put two drops of blue loctite on the tube threads and wrench it in tight. Usually solves the problem!

    Good Luck, Ken