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    I keep seeing the ad in a popular catalog for a

    "Vet" U.S. Military Surplus Colt M16A1 Parts Kit-449.99

    needs the receiver, disc, and barrel.

    My thought was get a Spike's Lower for @ 100$ ,

    Then a barrel, but I've yet to find a barrel.

    So, sight unseen, the "KIT" comes to 550$ before taxes, FFL

    and shipping, without the barrel.


    1-Anybody have any experience with these kits?

    2-Anybody have any ideas as far as a proper M16A1 barrel,

    in 5.56 that's chromed, and accurate?

    3-Any other ideas, comments, or experiences?

    4- Does the cost(claims all "new condition Colt parts") seem

    reasonable? Even if it worked out well, the lower and barrel would

    still not be Colt, for one thing.
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  2. therewolf

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    Also, it's supposed to be Vietnam Era, and "rare" which, IMO,

    might apply, if the entire rifle were available, which it isn't.

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    I'm in the process of building an A1 now and have researched pretty much non-stop for a few months, the kits are hit and miss, it really depends on the vendor.

    *http://retroblackrifle.com has a lot of info on correct parts by model.

    These kits are CH forge marked and have a C/Bell FSB so that makes them 1974-82, they are likely 76-79, obviously post Vietnam parts, despite what the vender wants you to think.
    Sportsmans guide sells them as 'like new' and they are beat to crap, I've heard good things about Whatacountry.com though http://whatacountry.com/colt-m16a1-parts-kit.aspx

    These kits will be used regardless of the vender though.

    AR15sport.com has correct style barrels in 1/9 with FSB attached so that's the best route for a correct build. http://shop.ar15sport.ihoststores.com/productinfo_v3.aspx?productid=BARREL-20LWT19

    This is a big deal for retro builds as 99% of all AR barrels use a .750 FSB whereas A1s used .625s and the .625s are nearly impossible to find in a 20" configuration.

    The A1 rifles used different lowers, which are available but are on indeterminant backorder from NoDak Spud, so an A2 lower wouldn't be a bad choice at this point.

    In addition to a different profile, they are also a different color than modern A2 rifles, assuming you decide against the whole kit the best option if you don't want to do some refinishing is to order a refinished upper from Apexgunparts.com, they are done in a modern hardcoat anodizing to match an A2 lower at about the same price as having one anodized. Here https://www.apexgunparts.com/product_info.php/products_id/3922
    If you do refinish the upper and lower to match, Norelles moly resin in Grayish black flat is the best option there as it's nearly identical to the old gray anodizing. http://molyresin.com

    You will also need either a new LPK or to neuter the included one as the parts are Full auto configuration. I'd recommend a new one to ensure legality, Stock sets in the kits may or may not be in good shape, if you want very good furniture it can be had here at probably the cheapest price.

    If you do order the kit, you can always sell some of the unused parts to recoup funds for replacement parts, I might know a guy;)

    I'll link my thread for you.

    Be aware, retro BRD isn't cheap (unless you do battlefield pickup condition) and it's highly addictive, I'm already planning another and will be getting a kit in a month or two assuming they are still in stock


    The lower is a stand in until I pick up another. You can see the color difference.

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  5. therewolf

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    Thanks, Sputnik.

    It may bother me when I assemble it,

    but from the looks of yours, I doubt I

    would obsess over a couple different

    shades of black.

    I might just camo it for hunting, anyway.
  6. sputnik1988

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    If you do refinish, I can't recommend the Moly resin enough, the gray receivers just set it off and it's relatively easy to do.

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