A Word of Shopping Caution

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Dillinger, Jul 31, 2008.

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    A word of Caution about TNT Tactical dot com"

    So, those of you that have been following the Projects section know that I am in the process of piece mealing together an AR build.

    In my shopping about the world wide internetz I have come across a pretty good deal on a MagPul Solid Stock that I want to put on to match MIAD grip I already have.

    Now, this stock is going anywhere from $300 ( High ) to around $255 ( Most Common ) to $210 ( Brownell's, with membership ). I really like this stock, but I am not sure I want to pony up the dough.

    Low and Behold - I find this screaming deal.

    Well, I am a little cautious, because how are they pulling this off, beating the market by like $100?! So I send the guy an e-mail, asking for some details and if he has the MagPul for the price listed. Here was his response:

    "Hello Sir,

    We should have these in stock within 2 weeks.
    It is not a actual Magpul, but the style like Magpul PRS.

    Thank you"

    So, I had a buddy who works in the "software" industry do some checking. Turns out these guys at TNT Tactical are based in China, and they are promoting and selling Chinese knock offs of registered US products.

    Not cool! :mad:

    Not with me anyways. I still want the Magpul for my build, but I think I am going to either order from Brownell's, or find another option.



    Good call JD. I would never order some Chinese knock off for any of my rifles. I only buy parts made in the good ol' U.S of A.

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    Airsoft knock-offs are running around everywhere...
  4. Dillinger

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    Another name to add to the list of Shopping Caution.

    I ordered a new sling from FalconTactical.net

    They charged my card the same day of the order. Since then, it's been over a month, I have not received my new sling and I can't get an e-mail back. They list no phone number on their website.

    I contacted Am-Ex - as their on line protection is very good, and they have reversed the charges and informed me that this was not the first reversal against this particular merchant.

    Be careful when ordering on line - and if you get burned, please let the rest of your forum members know so we don't feed the crooks out there in cyber space...

  5. AR Hammer

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    Ever been to the 'SHOT' show or 'SEMA' show in Las Vegas?

    A stead stream of billboards from the airport to the convention center saying this or that company will reproduce ANY item (in China).
    No such thing as patent infringement enforcement in China...
  6. infotech

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    As the owner of an electronics store online I can strongly attest to avoiding anything sold out of China. There are endless websites online offering too good to be true deals on anything you can imagine, especially name brand electronics, clothing and now weapons parts, add ons and accessories.

    Most of the time they will show you photos of a name brand item and list it as such. If they deliver anything at all it will always be a knock off. While it's true a lot of these items are manufactured in China they are not allowed to market those items. There are a few small outfits dealing in stolen goods but they only do two things:
    1. Supply retail stores run by family outside of China
    2. Act like wholesalers for eBay and other small retailers, send them real items long enough to get a huge order and then rip them off.

    Keep in mind, anyone dealing in real name bran merch from inside China faces a firing squad if caught. They just aren't going to sell you what they promised and usually won't ship anything or will ship you a nice Chinese brick.

    I'm glad these guys at least let you know it was a clone item, most people probably don't bother to check and end up getting ripped off.

    Never pay by western union or money order for any item purchased online or at least from a foreign seller. Even within the US it's risky as state to state rip offs via the internet exist in a Grey area where prosecuting a thief is very difficult. I lost over 3k to a "wholesaler" in the US and 8 months later I'm just starting to see action and that only thanks to a state trooper who knows the bad guy and wants to see him prosecuted.

    Anyway, sorry for the long rant but beware of China. They have no morals in business and will clone, build fall apart merchandise and even poison food items for profit, (even the legit supplied stuff). I wish it was possible to avoid buying anything made there, period.