A way to keep a few guns in a potential ban

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    okay after a few brain storms and a few backfires. i came up with a couple pretty good ideas. how would you keep your guns if the commies come to your door asking you to hand them over. after covering all possible scenarios in my mind they might want to search your house. choice #1 put your pistol back in its original box and put it in a pistol safe along with a few boxes of rounds. then get an ammo can and put the safe in the ammo can. dig a hole where ever you please and bury it. :p bam in your face commies. i still got one! choice #2 is a bit more complex and but anyone with basic drywall knowledge can do this. begin by cutting a hole in your wall big enough for a 2X4 to fit stud to stud. then cut a piece of 2X4 long enough to reach both studs. the next step you fasten the 2X4 with screws to on both ends. to make a small platform this would involve 2 very small cuts in your drywall just big enough to fasten the wood. have someone hold it up for you while you do this :rolleyes: after you fasten the wood. your next step you go to the hardware store to pick up a piece of drywall and some tape and texture maybe an ounce or two of paint. slide what potential banned items you want to hang onto onto the internal shelf. begin by cutting three pieces of drywall the shape of the cuts. tape them in place, put a screw or two in them. texture and paint. you now have the ultimate concealed weapon the government cannot take away simply because they dont know its there. and they wont metal detect, they would tear everybody's houses down due to copper pipe and plumbing. the second choice is about 2 hours of work, but what is your freedom worth to you is the real question?? LONG LIVE THE SECOND AND FREEDOM
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    As they drive down your street with an unmarked van, their equipment sees through your house. They SEE YOUR GUNS and where they are hidden. One or two, daytime knock at the door. Bunch of guns, Waco style, likely in the dead of night.

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    Storage unit in a different name. 50 gallon plastic drum dug and buried with dogs tombstone on top of it. Give them to me, then YOU have no worries.