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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by ColtFellow, Dec 2, 2020.

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    So you carry it like a Talisman that doesn't actually have any power?
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    It's a compact 5-shot Smith & Wesson Model 642 .38 Special concealed here in CC State Oklahoma. There are 5 additional rounds on a Bianchi rubber strip. I don't feel insufficiently armed against some homicidal/suicidal nut with an auto even. One or two shots with a two-hand hold should summarily end any "mass shooting" situation in progress. Hopefully, I will never get involved in such a scenario. But forewarned is forearmed.

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  3. JTJ

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  4. JTJ

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    Our local WW is decent. Lots of seniors working there. Floor managers are not the brightest. They were always out of Ghirardelli chocolate chips. I asked why and was told they dont sell that many. I told her you cant sell something you dont have. Now they stock more and sell more. They are going into competition with Amazon. Free shipping on $35. I heard they are going to offer a membership like Prime.
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    I just ordered a Battery Tender from them yesterday. Ten dollars cheaper than Amazon, free shipping, be here by Dec. 8th, had all my info already filled out on the page. About two clicks and it was on the way.

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  6. JTJ

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    When they have it in stock Walmart is the lowest price on ammo in town. We dont have any big box sporting goods stores. Big Five is small box and mostly a shoe store.
    I check Amazon prices against Walmart and Costco. When yeast was scarce we got it shipped from Costco for normal pricing. Gougers were really at it. As bad as ammo.
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  7. sheriffjohn

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    Bowling Green, Missouri Walmart has a small open shed w/hitching post for Amish shoppers which I think is pretty neat. They also have a couple of Mennonite ladies working and allow them to wear long skirts/bonnets stocking shelves. Driving a buggy to shop at WalMart in the winter ? Some do, others have drivers who bring them into town to do stuff. Don't think they do much on-line shopping and one thing's certain - their money is earned the hard way. Anyway - different stokes for different folks makes me glad I live in the U.S.A.
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    There are things in Walmart that I can't can't seem to find without a major quest ! Walmart it is . As long as I can find what I'm looking for without that three day quest , Walmart is OK with me .
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    funny, reminds me of the time that I was interviewing for a design draftsman job. The guy interviewing was a total dick and I knew I did NOT want to work for him.
    I told him "yes, my car starts and my alarm clock works"
    hee hee... I did NOT get the job offer (as planned).
    I passed on telling him that the pick and place unit I designed worked whereas theirs did NOT !! FUNNY.
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    I shop at Walmart and seldom find it fun. Some locations are remarkedly clean and others are simply a pig sty. Unfortunately here in Southern California they are mostly the latter. I try to shop for my specific items and get out asap. I have found some nice helpful employees though. I shop there simply for price and convenience, yet sometimes that alone is not enough. It is amazing how poor the selection for employees is in the current labor pool. Try to get assistance at Home Depot or Lowe's. It is an imperfect world out there...
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  11. Mowgli Terry

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    There is always the threat for me of being in one of those reality things, "People of Walmart."
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  12. sheriffjohn

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    Bought an adjustable holster last week at WW for an M&P EZ. Came in a fold-up box. Goit it home, found parts missing. Got my refund, no problem. Wonder how many times it's been "recycled" (returned to inventory).
    We recovered well over1 million $ in judgements for child support, court-ordered writs of repleven, etc. a year in my former life as Sheriff from debtor's paychecks. Local WW was a major employer of people who owe such debts - sometimes 10K per month and always at least a month is arrears to the courts. By holding the funds, WW drew interest. We warned them, prosecutor sent letters to no avail.

    So, one Friday night, we seized their daily receipts. Monday we took out the court's share of the cash and returned the rest to WW Supercenter. Bentonville was p'd off, lawyers called threatening all sorts of action. Circuit judge said "Sheriff, tell them you'll see them again next month." Didn't have to go back, but it's an indication of how the home office does business. Multiply the practice by 3,000 counties, big $ to WW.

    WW is known for cancelling huge orders from suppliers. I.E.: One year they over-ordered summer lawn furniture so cut a distributor's order for ammunition. An un-named online company received a large discount and reaped the benefit. Distributer took it in the shorts.
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    there is a reason for those lyrics. the story varies, as one would expect. my chosen variant is: George Harrison was at a wedding reception. a 12 year old boy came up to him and presented an analysis of the real meaning of "Happiness is a warm gun" ( the actual meaning was: the songwriter saw a blurb on a gun magazine cover ). the 12 year olds analysis erred. George Harrison wrote The Walrus as an "analyze this, bozo!" to people who "analyze" songs.