A Small Victory...

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    ...but a victory none the less. I have helped convert a very left gun hater into a shooter, believe it or not.

    Some back ground info first. I have known this woman professionally for about three years, as she works for a women's advocacy group that my department deals with all the time.

    Recently she began dating a guy that I work with, which caused her ex to become insanely jealous and he began threatening, stalking and generally scaring the hell out of her. He has a significant history of domestic violence so she is rightfully concerned. Now my buddy, whom she is now seeing, is a very bad *** dude. About 5'10 220, can bench press a dump truck and is HEAVILY into MMA, just about every discipline you could imagine. However she decided since he is not always around, and her hands on skills are in their infancy, maybe she would look into getting a gun.

    She came to me as I am a state firearms instructor and we had a discussion about firearms, lethal force and the like for about two hours. She handled a few handguns and the next week I went to the range with her and my buddy.

    After an hour long safety lecture, she fired the first shot ever in her life and dropped a pepper popper at 21 feet. She looked at me and said "This is actually fun!" Imagine that. 100 rounds later, she was making good hits on the poppers and generally having a good time after settling in with my CZ75 40 S&W. She tried out a few Glocks and a Smith Airweight.

    She called me today and informed me she had decided to buy a CZ75 compact 9mm and wanted me to find her one, along with advice on a good holster. I gave her and my buddy free reign of my home range and they plan on going up tomorrow.

    She came to me because she thought she "needed" a gun to protect herself, and left wanting a gun for recreation. She said she talked to the director of her organization about having the other women in the office get some training on firearms, since they deal with a lot of angry, and usually whacko guys, in the course of their job duties. I have a meeting about the training with the director this week. Imagine that.

    Score one for us ladies and gentlemen.
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    Well done Jeep, well effing done... I imagine her change in beau helped the decision, since I haven't known an MMA/martial artist yet who didn't also enjoy shooting, but great job in taking it slow and steady with that one and gaining one on our side....

    Well done sir, well done...

    *salute and a raised glass*

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    Thank you sir. I was amazed at her reaction. My buddy is pretty handy with the steel, but his "expertise" lies in pounding someone into a puddle.

    I really hope something works out with the rest of the employees in her office since they all have the same "guns are bad, ok?" attitude she did.

    I don't imagine she would have entertained the idea of a gun if her ex wasn't a frikkin wing nut, but at least she sees firearms as something more than a neccessary evil, and even understands why some people shoot just for the sake of shooting.

    I almost hope if the ex comes around, he gets shot rather than my buddy getting a hold of him, for his sake anyhow.
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    Good effort Jeep, that is truly a good news story.
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    There has always been an un-founded fear from those that have never held or fired a gun. With proper introduction, such as you did... they be come advocates. *** JOB WELL DONE! ***
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    Jeep You sir get the Man of the Week Award.

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    Good job!!

    My fiance' (I hate that word) was against guns when I met her. She too has a beligerent X who is prone to violence (on women). I edumacated her on guns, the REAL facts, and how fun shooting is. She ended up buying a taurus pt111 9mm and is lookind at a ruger markIII!

    I think people ignorant of guns are indoctrinated early(her mom) by other people just as ignorant about guns.

    She had never been around guns or fired more than a bb gun, but she was completely against them!!....converted!!! :cool:
  8. CA357

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    We must be proactive in introducing people to firearms to help us preserve the Second Amendment. Not to mention that it's a fun thing to do. ;)