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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by pioneer461, Jul 13, 2007.

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    Last week there was an unintentional killing while two brothers were in the woods shooting / plinking. One of the local media outlets, an on-line version, described the rifle used as; "an AK47 semi-automatic assault rifle."

    I e-mailed the editor and explained to him that his reporter had made a very common error for someone who is ignorant of guns. The rifle can either be semi-automatic, or an assault rifle, not both.

    To my surprise the editor replied, acknowledging his ignorance, and reported that he had changed the text of the story. He also offered to call me if he has questions about guns in future stories.

    I'm going to give it a while, then invite him to go shooting with me, and hopefully show him the truth about guns.

  2. BLS33

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    Good job, it is the responsibilty of the educated to spread their knowledge! It always feels good helping turn around our culture of misinformation and stupidity.
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    Well done! Sometimes the only way to change someone's perception is to actually get them to see the other side. Most people that are anti-guns have never really had any exposure - other than the news stories - that as you've pointed out, are sometimes inaccurate.
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    I would most definetly extend that invite. We have a local columnist here who has always spoken out against guns. A few readers invited her out, and she finally went. She was given a lesson in safety and shooting... and now she wants her CCL. She actually wrote a very long column about the experience and added a lot of gun safety tips she was given. So go for it!
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