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    I've been looking to buy a revolver lately. I'll go into the local Gun shop and I'll search the magazine articles. I have looked online and can't quite find what I want. My first stop was Smith & Wesson...I would love to get a model 686 with a 4 or 6" barrel. I could kick myself for selling the last one's I had at least a decade ago...The new ones are beautiful...but all of them have a manufacturing flaw...some nitwit drilled a hole right there in the side of 'em...I can't believe they let them out the door that way...so on to Ruger...yeah they are built like a tank! I don't want a tank and I don't want that silly flat thing under the hammer...and where's the firing pin? and who is it that keeps making these cheap aluminum revolvers and who's bright idea was it to make a plastic revolver? Can I find one company that makes an all steel revolver with a firing pin on the hammer and wood grips?...In America? Yeah I know I can always buy used but that is not the point...are we so inept and dependant that we have allowed our right as Americans to bear arms be litigated into this strained peas semblance of our God given right? I guess the answer to that question would be a resounding yes...Thank God for the peacemaker
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