A shallow gun safe?

Discussion in 'Gun Safes' started by Missouribound, Apr 1, 2015.

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    When I first started the sport I used a gun "cabinet" from Stack on.
    I still have it and it's convenient and fits where I need it to fit. But as I find more and more guns to buy I realize I need a more secure way to keep them.
    I have a few small safes, and an in-wall safe that handles the pistols. I was wondering if anyone knew of a gun safe manufacturer that makes safes that are not too deep, perhaps no deper than 12"? The safe could be 24" or 30" wide, but the depth needs to be smaller because of the location I need to put it. I believe the Stack On cabinet is about 10" deep, and that fits the area quite well:anyone:
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    I have a smaller sized wall safe from Harbor freight that will hold a couple of handguns and jewelry, but I believe you're looking for a rifle safe. And I'm sure you've read the other thread running titled "In the market for a gun safe...", but since there've been no other responses I'll chime in

    Look at this site:

    They list one wall safe, V-Line 51653-SA Closet Vault, that looks like what you're looking for.

    Another is a floor safe, BedBunker Concealed Floor/Wall Safe, and it's available in 36", 48" & 72" lengths.

    Knowing the manufacturers, you may can find other vendors selling these.

    Sorry I don't have first hand experience. I also am using a Stack-On cabinet bolted in and in a locked closet for long guns, but I don't have any high dollar firearms.