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A while back I happened on a person selling these nifty little doodads called Bug A Salt. I ordered a pack of five. Basically it's a pump action air gun that uses a small pinch of salt to get rid of those winged intruders that bother so many homes in the warmer months. I can testify that they work real well out to about 4 feet and can stun the critter about a couple feet more.
It took a little while to ship being the production was just getting ready to start. These things are supposed to be a limited run...So when they run out that's it. Well, I got an email today saying they had stock left over. I thought I'd post a link to the things in case anyone wanted one or so. The amount of salt per shot is very small. So mess isn't an issue. They also do not tear the bug apart so there is no salt riddles tore up corpses to deal with. If nothing else the videos are pretty fun to watch.

If you missed the other links on the post just click here.
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