A safety reminder we oft times forget

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by opaww, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. opaww

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    Something at the range yesterday reminded me about a little forgotten safety measure. A friend brings his Remington 700 BDL to the range for me to shoot on Fridays because he knows I love shooting it.

    I ran about 12 rounds through it and stopped and we were talking and he asked my son if he wanted to shoot it. So my son shoots a couple rounds and likes the rifle he tries to fire another round and it miss-fired. He reaches up and draws the bolt back ejecting the un-fired round. That is when it reminded me about hang-fires, so I told him about hang-fires and if a round does not go off when you pull the trigger to let it sit for a minute.

    I have only had 2 hang fires in my life of shooting, one was with a .22LR and the other was in basic with the M-16. Both times I had let the round stay in the chamber for a little bit and sure enough they cooked off after a few seconds. If one ejects the round from a weapon right after it miss-fires they could be in danger of injury to self, others near by, and weapon. So just remember to let it sit pointed in a safe direction for a minute before ejecting the bad round.
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    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. hunter Joe

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    opaww, never experienced a hang fire on a modern firearm but have witnessed a couple on black powder guns and that can also be detrimental to someone health. I think we all get a little complacent form time to time, thanks for the reminder.

    Brother, shoot straight and stay safe, Joe
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    Yep, good reminder for sure! :cool: Other than black powder guns I've only had one hangfire, it was with a .22 mag. It was only a two second delay but I remember it very well.
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    Live rounds

    I've seen this many times, and some times the shooter will be pointing the gun at other people, Better to wait a min. like the man says because shinola do happen. Be safe for the Hollidays, God bless America and those in the Military.:)
  6. pandamonium

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    Thanks for the reminder Opaww, A hangfire with the muzzle pointed the wrong direction can ruin a perfectly good day at the range. While I myself have never experienced it, I can see how the first reaction would be to eject the mis-fired round. Thanks again for the reminder!
  7. M14sRock

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    I have them from time to time with old Turkish 8x57. They hang for just a fraction of a second, to a second. Long enough to be unnerving.

    Also had one with some Federal Premium .300 Win Mag, which really bugged me.

    Thanks for the reminder Opaww.
  8. CJohn364

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    Great tip. I've heard of cook offs before, but not hang fires.
  9. CHLChris

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    I see video after video of dummies having some sort of malfunction and the first thing they do is look down the barrel or bring the gun around to show the video camera (with a camera person holding it, obviously).


    Now, you said misfire and not CLICK-hangfire. Maybe this is a good thread for someone to describe the few most common misfire problems to watch out for and what they sound like/look like...
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    Thanks for the reminder.
  11. JonM

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    had one happen with winchester mod70 in 30-06 using off the shelf remington 180grn soft points. click-wait 2 min-reset the trigger without opening the bolt-click 3 more times in that cycle before the round finally went boom 30 seconds into the wait. good thing i had a grip on the stock so it didnt fall off the shooting table. scared the p@ss outta me. rest of the box no problem.

    lots with cheap 22lr.
  12. mach1337

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    same here. first thing they teach us in military for small arms is tap rack bang it your weapon doesnt go off. never really considered a hang fire since i have been in. thanks for the reminder.