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    Hello ladies and gentleman, I've come to this forum to ask you all for a favour. I am writing a story which one day i hope to make into a set of movies and i need some help with the guns.

    The story is about a character who has spent most of his life at war, even from a young age and has experienced horrifying things that have formed him into a well adept soldier, albeit one that mostly acts alone. The story is set from about 1961-201X, but the main block of the story happens in the 60s to the 90s and i would like to ask the people here what kind of firearms would you believe to be sufficient. I have already basic ideas for his weapons, like M1911's and a slightly customized M16A1, but i don't have a lot of knowledge on certain older weapons, mainly from European countries. The age of the weapons needs to be around 1870-1980 and what i am mainly looking for is:
    Bolt Action Rifles
    Grenade Launchers

    The main weapons i want him to use are AR's, Pistols and Revolvers. I have another character in the story who wields a Krag-Jørgensen, which is his signature weapon as it holds a large amount of significance to his character, so its also assigning a weapon to the main character that makes him stand out a little more. The weapons can also be rarer and less widely used firearms.

    Thank you for your time and another thank you for anyone can help me
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    1870-1980 and several countries? That's a LOT of guns to cover. What countries/regions specifically were you thinking of? If the story is taking place near the Swiss Alps, the weapons there would be different from the weapons from a Soviet country like Yugoslavia.
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  3. FullautoUSA

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    If it is in the 60's to 90's then the guns would depend on the area
    In the 60's to 70's- if he's a soldier then he would have either an A1/CAR15 style AR15 (most likely an M16A1), or an M1A (most likely an M14), and he would have a 1911 as a side arm. If he's a civilian then he would probably have something like an M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, semi-auto M1A, or a semi-auto A1/CAR15 style AR15, as well as something like a 1911, Colt Python, Smith and Wesson Model 36, or Smith and Wesson Model 29 as a sidearm.

    If he's in the 80's- as a soldier he would probably have an A1 or A2 style AR15 (most likely an M16A1 or an M16A2) and either a 1911 or a Beretta M9. As a civilian he would have either a semi-auto A2 style AR15, semi-auto M1A, MAC-10, UZI, or a Mini 14, as well as something like a 1911, Colt Python, Smith and Wesson Model 36, Smith and Wesson Model 29, Glock 17, Sig P226, CZ75, or a Beretta M9 as a sidearm

    In the 90's- as a soldier he'd have basically the same stuff as he would in the 80's, he'd have basically the same thing as a civilian as he would in the 80's with the audition of certain Modern Sporting Rifles such as a semi-auto AK47, SKS, or a semi-auto FAL, and the addition of certain handguns such as the newer models of Glock, the Smith and Wesson semi-auto series of handguns, a Ruger P89, or a P99.

    Hope that helped. If you have a specific area or time with which you specifically need help, just ask.
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    I agree that the specific countries/regions would be useful.

    Welcome to the forum. If you're gonna hang around for awhile, please stop by the Introduction thread and tell us a little about yourself.
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    A more exotic rifle of the Spanish- American War would be the Remington-Lee Navy. This was a straight pull action chambered for a then futuristic 6MM Cartridge.
    The 6MM Lee-Navy Cartridge later became the speed demon .220 Swift. :)
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    With the time frame and world wide access that's an *** load of guns!:eek:
    Putting the time frame of the stuff going on for the character(s) makes a lot of those guns older and probably really cheap to acquire though. Old guns, surplus ammo...oooOOOOooooo:D
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    @texaswoodworker: ah, my apologies. The main area that the story revolves around is Israel and Palestine, the general middle eastern area, but he does branch out to other areas here and there, so if IMI was around back then, then maybe i could take a few from there. I am looking at soviet weapons as well, the AK obviously being the most recognizable.

    @FullautoUSA: My character isn't an official soldier for any army, nor is he a normal soldier, he unofficially works for the Israelis as a mercenary. He has a severe split personality disorder and blood lust, being that he was put on the battlefield when he only around 10 years old, thrust into the Israeli-Palestine conflict at around 1961-1966, in which he was on the Palestinian side for that time. He has a form of resilience to pain, but not too resilient, as every man has a limit to how much they can take in one time.
    However, the guns you have told me of are a good portion of what i am looking for, especially going by the decade, as i did want to upgrade his armory in each subsequent decade. thank you very much mate. And do you know of any weapons that were considered incredibly powerful, but still could be wielded by a single or two man team? thank you again

    @JW357: thank you, i will post there soon :D

    @Nitestalker: i had a look at it, nice weapon, and the 6mm Lee Navy looks like a really nasty round.

    @DrumJunkie: thats part of the idea, it works out for the main character, Samael, much more during when he initially starts fighting for

    thank you all for your contributions, every little bit helps me progress my writing :D
  8. texaswoodworker

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    That helps a lot. That's still a lot of guns, so I'll just go over the common ones, and the cool ones.

    Here's what you might find in those countries. (NOTE: Some fit into the 1960s timeline, other come in in the mid to late 80s, a few are from WWII.)


    GLOCK 17
    GLOCK 19
    Browning High Power
    Uzi (Full sized, mini, and micro)
    MAC 10
    M4 Carbine
    IMI Galil
    M1919 Browning
    Browning M2
    Mossberg 500
    Remington 870
    M24 (late 80s)
    H&K P11 (underwater pistol)

    Soviet Union

    Mosin Nagant 91/30, M38, M44
    M1895 Nagant Revolver (special gas seal design allows it to be suppressed unlike other revolvers)
    SVT-40 (Rarer semi auto. Was used, but nothing like the SKS, Mosin Nagant, or AK-47 was)
    TT-30, TT-33

    These lists aren't compete by any means. These countries had a LOT of different guns. This will give you a good idea of what they commonly used though. I couldn't find much about Palestine, but I'm guessing the AKM/AK-47 is one of the guns they used.
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  9. FullautoUSA

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    Glock would not have been there in the 60's, as glock was not invented till the 80's. AK74's wouldn't have been there in the 60's as it was invented in 1974. Nor would the Galil or M4 have been there in the 60's as they had not been invented yet. the Galil was invented in the 70's.

    But if he is working for the israeli's he would have most likely have had an UZI or an M16A1. However, if he was a mercenary he could have easily had an AK47 or SKS.
  10. texaswoodworker

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    I think you missed part of my post.

    (NOTE: Some fit into the 1960s timeline, other come in in the mid to late 80s, a few are from WWII.)
  11. Rickers-McLatitude

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    @texaswoodworker That's a great list, thank you very much, and i forgot about the Galil, that would make a great addition. I already though of the Browning, and i was thinking of having it like what the folks down at Red Jacket did with it. Cheers again mate

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    been done ...Remember Dax and Fat cat!

    How bout an original script about a man who destroys a whole country . The man got his power from an global conspiracy that involved a liberal activist volunteering to be impregnated with the actual semen of Satan . The child or anti- Christ grows up to be the president of the U.S....no wait that one has already been done!
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  13. Rickers-McLatitude

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    Well the character i have made is pretty much a one man army. His real name is unknown, but he is called Samael, which in Jewish Mythology, is the angel of death, capable of both good and evil. He practices Judaism often, which after a good read of said religion, i have discovered that it fits with the character well, seeing as there is quite a lot of violence in Jewish history from what i have read. He also has a friend who is based off of legendary Finnish Sniper Simo Hayha, who has had similar experiences to Samael and is an incredible marksman. I named him "The Eye of Providence", which i believe sounds pretty good in my opinion.
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    I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Meh... different strokes.