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    I recently inherited a 1990 GMC Jimmy 4wd from one of my best friends. He bought it new in '89. It is in great shape and has a new engine. But the tires are near the end of their life.

    It will get lots of dez use, range trips, will be used to tow my trailer/ATV's, and if I take it to Utah for elk it will be in mud and clay. But on most weekends it will be on paved roads around town.

    Currently it is wearing Pirelli 32-11.5-15's. It was geared to run with the 32's, but the paperwork has not surfaced yet, so I don't know exactly how it is geared.

    I have Bridgestone Dueller AT's on my Durango and Toyota truck, and like them for around town and light off road stuff.

    But for the Jimmy I want something more aggressive, though not crazy aggressive. And some noise is OK, but not a roar when on the freeway.

    Any suggestions?

    Also, these tires will dry out before they wear out so what are the thoughts on an off brand? Are they as good as the big names? Suggestions? Any issues going from the 32's (which are limited selection) to 33's? Would new gears be necessary?

    Thanks, in advance, for what I know will be great answers.
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    I put a set of mud tires from pep boys on my grand cherokee, the should have your size and they have that buy 3 get one free. I think they are dakota's, I'll check and let ya know. had them a little over a year and they are holding up fine. Mostly pavement diving too.

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    Big O Bigfoot MT, ive got them on my 4runner, 30k miles and still have 11-13/32"
  5. ScottA

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    Consumer Reports is your friend.
  6. M14sRock

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    I thought you guys were my friends?

    All kidding aside, thanks for the help guys.

    Some excellent options here, and some great prices, too. Other than options does anyone have any strong opinions? Anything to specifically stay away from? Or a tire that you have used that you swear by?

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    How much is your life worth?

    If it is more than $200, spend enough on the tires to keep you safe.

    BE SURE you look at the date stamp on the back side, near the bead of EACH tire. That four digit number is the two digits week number followed by the last (or last two) digits of the year that the tire was actually molded in. For example; 1009 is the tenth week of 2009. Tires over six years old are NOT safe for highway speeds, for more than a very few miles.
    Aged Tires: A Driving Hazard? (ignore the "pooper" advertisement that precedes the video).
  8. ScottA

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    Honestly, I'd recommend you check out Consumer Reports. They have got great reviews in there of different tires, and you often find out the best performing ones are not the big names with big price tags. They've led me to putting tires on my BMW I've never heard of, quite pleased with, and paid a lot less than what the tire stores would recommend.

    The subscription for the website is $6/mo. It will be the best $6 you spend. And if you don't see any reason to keep it, cancel it in a couple weeks. That $6 will probably save you at least 10 times that.
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    I've had great luck with BFGs. You may or may not need to regear depending on what gears you have. You really need to find out what gears you have before you get a different tire size.
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    I've got aggressive mud terrain tires on my truck. I found out the hard way you HAVE to rotate the tires more often. If you wait too long the tires will cup out and start shaking. If you get "lugger" tires or open aggressive tread be SURE to have the tires rotated every 5,000 miles. Just something to remember.
  11. Rick1967

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    Going up one inch will be noticable when you accelerate hard. It is not going to be a huge change. But, you will feel it. How heavy is your trailer? Do you have more power than you need? If so, good. If not, think twice.

    My Blazer started out with 2.76 gears and 235 -75 R 15 tires. I went up to 31 x 10.50 x 15 tires and it was a dog. I changed to 3.40 gears. Now it will smoke the tires if I pop the clutch too fast. Changing gears is not something to be taken lightly though. It is a major job.
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