A question I thought I'd never have to ponder

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    Thanks, yes I'm single and have no kids so its really only me were talking about.

    I appreciate the responses. I guess the adage of having it and not needing it....pretty much sums it up. I guess I was wanting to see what people were thinking about the immediate future, but nobody can predict the future. Even so, home protection is still a consideration.
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  2. Gatoragn

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    From the time I was born, I have lived with guns in my home.

    Santa Claus brought me a 12 gauge Remington 1100 for Christmas when I was 12.

    Only issue I have had to ponder is which one's next.
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    the moment you realize you need one, NOW!

    you either have one

    or you have nothing. bupkis. zilch. nada. and no way to get one.

    if you realize you need one - not NOW!, but it is unwise not to have one - and they are as scarce as democrat brains - you will regret not having got one while they were available.

    if the Democrats sweep the election, it's too late.

    it is fill the pot or get off it time. if you think you may have a need, get a move on.

    I had an AR-15, asking price $450, and a Survivor SB-1 ( 410 shotgun with rifling, also shoots .45 Long Colt ) in my hands the week before George Floyd ODed on Fentanyl. I had the funds. I decided to wait until the next time I got to Albuquerque.

    PANDEMIC Well-Known Member

    Just a quick backstory on me, I lived and grew up in the city with my family for a little over 10 years. That's where I did all my schooling, went to church and got to know the neighborhood and the city extremely well and also learned to drive from place to place. However, no guns in the house, I mean I played alot of call of duty growing up. And I actually wanted to learn how to shoot, hunt and have the responsibly of owning a firearm but I was a teen back then and the parents never felt the need to own a firearm.

    But one day we had a friend from church that owns over 200 acres with cattle and invited us over to do some paid work on his land since he's getting older and can't do much like he used to. Anyways my dad, brother and I went out there that summer and did some work. Well, he brought out his AR15 and his Barreta M9.

    His pistol was the first real gun I've ever seen, touched and fired. And then his AR15, which I loved just holding it :D. So the brother and I finally got to shoot real guns.

    Anyways, fast forward 10 years we moved to a farm of 26 acres and there we defintely bought guns. Started out with a hunting rifle and a .22, then traded the hunting rifle for an AR15. Then bought a 40S&W (dident like) sold it. Then bought 2 glocks, got our CHL. Sold the AR and bought a .270 and 12G. Then sold the .270 and lastly replaced my old AR with a more higher end DMR.

    So you can see how I kinda went back and fourth until I was really happy with my guns and ones I can afford to shoot whenever I'd like.

    So Its all a personal choice, I have guns because I'm an enthusiast and also refuse to become a victim. Others have guns as a hobby, others for protection only and others collect guns for fun.
    Others have guns (myself included) not because we have to but because we want to.

    And carrying a gun is also a big responsibly, I've been carrying for almost a year now. I just stick with the moncho, "better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it."

    Also one thing to remember when carrying, if you keep loaded mags that sit in a case/ammo box/safe or in your gun but the gun sits in your case/ammo box (if its a small pistol for ex) or safe. Then the mags with ammo are fine.

    But if your gonna actually carry, the rounds in your mag will discolor over time, which is perfectly fine, I've fired rounds that are discolored and they shoot perfectly. Its rust and corrosion you wanna watch out for which usually has to do with how the gun is stored, negligence, or if you carry in extreme environments that can lead to rust and then later corrosion if you don't take care of it in time.

    So just keep that in mind when your carrying and you check your gun/mag after a while and if you start seeing random spots on your bullets. That's discoloration starting to happen. Which is gonna happen when the ammo sits in the mag for so long and the gun is taken everywhere you go.

    I recently swapped out discolored hollow points with fresh shiney FMJ in my carry mag just a little less then a month ago. And I checked on it last night (because I was putting together an ammo box and getting my guns ready because my brother and I are fixin' to go shooting soon.)

    And I noticed there's spots of slight discoloring already on bullets in my carry mag. Which again, its fine, your carry mag/bullets and the gun arnt gonna stay shiny looking very long if your gonna actually carry it.

    But to the OP, buying a gun is a personal choice. No one can make that for you, look at your options, and if you really feel the need or want for one then by all means go for it.
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    If you haven't made up your mind well before now, I'd say skip the gun and get pepper spray.

    Lots of people go through life without needing a gun.

    Some, unfortunately do not.
  6. Hookeye

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    IMHO owning a gun for defense is logical.
    There is evil in this world.

    Am no MMA wannabe, hell I don't even like fighting.
    Think it best to avoid conflict.

    But when you can't, be prepared to win it. Decisively.
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  7. Hookeye

    Hookeye Well-Known Member

    I grew up around guns.... pops a shooter/collector/reloader.
    Guns are simply tools to me.

    Spiritual view is that I have the right to defense. Funny, I grew up Methodist and married a Catholic........not the most 2A religions LOL
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  8. Hookeye

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    Have heard it many times at the LGS, people wanting to buy a gun to scare or wound an attacker.

    I don't get it.

    You are either prepared to stop the threat or not (and killing might be part of that).

    Accept it, arm yourself, train......and live your life.
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  9. oO_Rogue_Oo

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    I can some up my answer to this in one sentence.

    "I'd rather have a gun and not need it; than need a gun and not have it."

    You only ever have to have a need once in your entire life for the investment to pay dividends. That is before you ever even consider the feeling of self reliance that comes from not feeling 100% dependent on some outside force (be it police or govt) for your own safety and security. Now couple that with a new hobby of practicing and improving a new skill (not because your afraid of what might happen but for the enjoyment) and for me personally it is a no brainer. The fact that I'm more self reliant is just a bonus that comes with my hobby.

    To the question of is it too late? Well in short; NO. Yes it will cost you a percentage more than it would have a year ago and things will be somewhat harder to find but far from impossible.
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    This thread is what happens when you ask an enabler a question.:p
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  11. G66enigma

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    The way I went about it, decades ago, when I contemplated the risks and "rewards" of preparations:

    Consider my willingness to get victimized, if something happens.

    Consider my willingness to act, if pushed into a corner.

    Consider my ability to act with sufficient expediency and force that could terminate such threats as arise. Could I? With tools, training, determination ... could I?

    What alternatives are there, given failure to prepare?

    Consider my knowledge of the statutes and the morality of "self-defense" and "defense of others" ... and my willingness to step into that responsibility (which as a citizen I already have, more or less, as a member of the community).

    Consider the potential risks of acting incorrectly or unreasonably, as to whether that's something I could tolerate or correct and ultimately handle as part of the "package" of being prepared. Legal, financial, social. Lots of possible downside; but then, so is having everything stripped from me including my life.

    My choice, after serious eval of these areas: darned right I could, and would; certain training and prep would be required for me to be sufficiently competent and capable; and a solid knowledge of the statutes and the potholes in the law that created risks to flubbing the call. Easily accomplished, once I'd determined to never be victimized while I breathe, to never allow another (before me) to be victimized if I could help it, and to never allow myself to irresponsibly act in such a situation (or act incorrectly, if I could help it).

    Took awhile, to gain sufficient proficiency (not just with shooting), and to gain sufficient knowledge of the statutes and legal process. But, in the end, the choice was simple: I won't be victimized, and won't tolerate having "me and mine" stolen from me, at whatever cost to the perp(s) in question. Hard to accomplish that, in the real world, with just wishful thinking, a finger and a phone.
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  12. Rancid

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    SERIOUS QUESTION TO PONDER: So you have a concealed 5-shot 357 snubby on your belt under your jacket. The two thugs in this article approach, friendly-like, then when close, draw guns. You have two guns pointed at you. Do you draw your concealed 357 ??

    If you do, you will likely be dead before getting a shot off. Do you go for your gun anyway?
  13. Missouribound

    Missouribound Well-Known Member

    That depends.
    Where do you live? I see many places that have changed and I am glad I live nowhere near there. I moved away from Illinois, near Chicago about 15 years ago. I am down in the boonies in southern Missouri....the Ozarks.
    All that has changed here is that. most of us wear masks and stay at home with our family.
    Nobody is getting dragged out of their car or truck here.
    Nobody is burning, looting and shooting at cops here.
    We live in the heart of Trump country. Every yard sign is Trump /Pence.
    These signs don't get torn down, they get a thumbs up.
    A few months ago, about 40 miles from here after the Floyd incident, a group of people brought signs, tried to block traffic on a major highway and just became obnoxious thugs.
    A local farmer pulled up to them as they yelled at him. He meant them no harm.
    He had a word of advice for them.
    He said if they are there after dark or tomorrow or any other day that they won't be around to do this again. No yelling, no threats, just advice.
    They moved along and have not returned.
    When people look out for each other, when the police are allowed to do their jobs there is security and safety in place. But enough about that.
    Owning and carrying a gun is your right whether or not you ever have to use it.
    But once you get one you better be damn sure that you have the mindset to use it and the ability to use it.
    Because if you ever pull it in a bad situation you have opened a door that is not easily shut.
    Good luck with your research.
  14. Rancid

    Rancid Well-Known Member Supporter

    This is oh, so true. If you are smart you won't just buy a gun and strap it on. You need to know exactly when you are legally good with using that gun, and above all keep a level head, super situational awareness (and STAY OUT of situations that can be avoided). Do not do stupid things like wear a MAGA hat in a liberal infestation (you are just asking for trouble and abuse) or deliberately go to what you know might be a violent protest (riot), etc.

    And perhaps most important of all, DO NOT STAND ALONE, join an organization like USCCA (there are several). https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/

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    Go back to your Kookie corner!
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  16. Missouribound

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    Look at the times in the article. Read what he did.
    Rather than just call a tow truck he made a bad decision.
    Having a gun on you doesn't mean a thing if you consciously put yourself in a stupid position. Look what he lost by his decision.
    One phone call would have prevented all of this.
    He simply shouldn't have been there at that time.....now he knows.
    I truly feel sorry for his loss......and his poor judgement will haunt him forever.
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  17. Rancid

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    All of that has absolutely nothing to do with the question I asked. My question has nothing to do with what he did or his situation. My question is what would you do if you had a gun on your belt and were suddenly faced with two thugs with drawn guns. Pretty simple question. Never mind how that situation could have been avoided or what you should have done to avoid it ... both are totally irrelevant. I'll make it easy for you ... you only have two options ... go for your gun or don't go for it.
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  18. tinbucket

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    Wife has guns but doesn't shoot them refuses to carry them. God is watching over her and me. But Christ himself said if you don't have the money sell your cloak and buy a sword.
    We never need a gun until we need a gun and if we don't have one or don't know how to use it we have no gun. A gun is just an implement a sword, it is not mortal or immoral as the Left preaches. Shoot the gun get familiar with it and know how and when to use it.
    Don't be fretting about the Leftist anti Americans are leading Americans to do. You have it doesn't mean you will have to use, but if you do have to then praise the Lord for his wisdom and words. you have the chance to save your property..and your life and maybe some one else's. It is entirely moral and righteous to own a firearm and to bear it for your defense of life and property!! The criminals are the ones preaching guns are evil...because they may be on the receiving end when they rape, pillage, rob, burn, vandalize and try to harm to murder us!
  19. Rancid

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    I believe "God" is within and not without watching over anything. If there is a "He" and if "He" gave a rip, the world would not be rife with murder, famine, wars, disease, catastrophic storms, earthquakes, etc., etc., etc. If "He" is watching over everything, "He" is a pathetic watcher. We (the Royal "we" ... as in the collective consciousness of all mankind) create our own reality, and until mankind attains enough spiritual wisdom to live in harmony we need to defend ourselves and our neighbors ... "God" is not going to do it for us. Jesus was right ... buy a sword, or preferably a 12 gauge or 1911 ... and by all means learn to use it.

    And please read this book!

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