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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by gwidion, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. gwidion

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    I've been thinking about buying a .40 handgun for home defense. The thing is, I am currently living in Delaware because I am working there for the summer. My drivers license was issued in Maryland, where my actual residence is. Will this be a problem? Thx for the help.
  2. Dillinger

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    Yes. And Yes. You have more problems than you can imagine. License in one state, working in another, and if you try to carry your weapon over, license or not, you will be on the wrong end of some SERIOUS CHARGES!!

    You need to research Carry Concealed Weapons' Laws in both states, find out what's required where you "live". Where your license is from. Then see if the new state will recognize your CCW permit. If they will not, you will be in as much trouble as someone with no history of legally obtaining a licensed firearm.


    You're in the N.E. and it's highly Liberal and highly ANTI-GUN.


    I would recommend a gun lawyer who can take care of everything for you.

    But that's me and I have been in 8 states, 30 plus cities in my traveling career and I have NEVER been without a weapon. :cool:


  3. Jpyle

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    You can purchase the gun in Delaware but you will have to take possession in Maryland AND the gun will need to be 100% legal under Maryland laws, i.e. magazine capacity, etc.

    As JD stated, carrying is a whole different story. I think DE honors a MD CCW but you will need to verify that. Without a CCW, I do not believe that you get the "homestead" protections of a resident. But again, check with a DE based lawyer that specializes in firearms issues. For example, I live in New Jersey where getting a CCW is about as likely as hitting the lottery twice in one week but I can carry anything I want in my residence and/or place of business...I step outside and I go to prison. A resident of another state who posesses a gun in New Jersey while living here temporarily goes to prison. (NJ does not recognize any other states CCW) The stakes are extremely high so no short cuts or internet lawyering should suffice...be dilligent and do the legwork to get the "right" answers.

    If you are in the Newark area check out x-ring supply...great bunch of guys and good pricing...
  4. gwidion

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    I'm not planning on getting a concealed carry permit, I just want to purchase it.
  5. c3shooter

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    Under Federal law (18 USC, Section 922) you may only purchase a handgun in the state where you reside. Actually, it is take delivery of, but for our discussion, same thing. So, what do you have to establish your "place of residence"? A lease, utility bills, car registration, voter ID card, etc etc.
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    Every gun owner should have this resource book-marked.

  7. gwidion

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    I have a lease that shows I am living in Delaware. I also have paystubs from my job that is in Delaware.