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A Proud New Owner!

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Last week some members of my family and I decided to make our first handgun purchases. My fiancé picked up a Ruger SR9c, my brother-in-law snagged a very nice and very popular XDM 9c and I went for the M&P 9. Ive got to be honest with you folks, during my initial search for a gun the M&P wasnt my first choice....until I held it. There is a lot about a gun that can never be described through words or even video. When I picked it up, my wallet got lighter very quick.

I shot the gun for the first time along with my family and we are all extremely pleased with our purchases and I am looking forward to learning more about my gun from you guys and gals!
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Nice choice. I love mine. Feels great in hand. I messed with the back straps but ended up just using the mid one it came with on.

One tip is for take down. If u don't want to use the tool just pull the trigger after you release the slide and it should come right off.
I opted for the smaller palm swell, I have smaller hands (but not too small, lol). And thanks for the takedown tip! That is a huge help.

I wonder why they even bothered with the tool?
I have pretty large hands and still prefer the small backstrap. Must be the 1911 that did that to me. :D
I think thats one of the unique features of this gun being a full size that makes it so popular. Someone with larger hands is comfortable and someone like my fiancé who has smaller hands can pick the same gun up and be comfortable.
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