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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by NGIB, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. NGIB

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    About the only "hole" I had in my collection was a true pocket gun. Over the past few weeks I've looked at just about everything in this category. Well, after spending another hour at my local store last night doing some serious comparison shopping I finally settled on a post-recall Ruger LCP.

    I was seriously tempted by a S&W 642 and I may even pick one up someday but the Ruger is just better for my usual style of dress. I'll pick up the LCP early next week as I'm actually trading another gun for it and some $$$...
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    I hear ya... When I was looking for a pocket gun, the LCP was sold-out and not available. I bought a Kel Tec P3AT. It's basically the same weapon. I carried it for a long time. It's now my wife's carry. I didn't want another .380 so I looked at tons of carry guns. I settled on a Taurus Model 85, in .38 Special calibur. It's a little tougher to carry as compared to the LCP/P3AT autoloaders, but I get a lot bigger BANG from the .38 Special +P. I'd really like to get my hands on a Smith & Wesson Model 60, 357 Mag.

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    What's your budget? I have a Ruger LCP & like it very much. I have it as a backup gun to my .45 however. If you can afford it, the Rohrbaugh 9mm is expensive BUT is actually smaller/lighter than most .380s. It would make an excellent backup to your carry gun. Note that I consider a pocket gun to be secondary gun to 1 of my .45s. Also Seecamp makes the mouse gun to beat all for size (or lack of it).
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    Really didn't have a budget in mind. This one is specifically for when I'm to lazy to strap on one of my carry guns. I've looked at the high $$$ pocket guns but TBH, I'd rather spend that kind of money on a new 1911 - and I already have 4 of them. I think the LCP will fill the bill nicely and it's coming with extra mags, 2 leather pocket holsters, extra springs, and 6 boxes of ammo...
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    Good thing it came with ammo, better save it,lol.

    I'd like a pf-9 or even a p-11 from kel-tec. Rohrbaughs are just too pricy for me.