A Pengie vacation tale

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    Pengie had done very well for himself financially through herring futures and Global Warming stocks, so he decided he would take a vacation.
    And not just any vacation, no. He would do something which nobody in penguindom had ever done before. He would be the first penguin to visit the great American Desert.

    After weeks of planning his itinerary, he was ready. He made sure that he would never be more than. 10 minutes from air conditioning, he would have coolers filled with ice, and lots of spf 300 sunblock.

    He flew into Phoenix airport and picked up his rental car, a Chrysler 200 (he wanted a 300, but he couldn't see over the steering wheel.) and he headed north.
    He thought he'd see the Grand Canyon first

    He climbed out of the basin,and cruised for an hour, then he started the descent into the Verde Valley. This was when he noticed that the air conditioner wasn't staying cold.

    Never one to panic, he thought about his options. One was to return to the airport for another car but he didn't think he could survive for over an hour in the heat. So he decided he would find a local shop, get the ac repaired, and work it out with Hertz later.

    Pulling off the interstate into a dusty little town, he found a shop right on the main street. The mechanic said he could take care of it, and told Pengie to go down the street to the air conditioned diner, and he would call when the job was finished.

    About an hour and a half went by and the mechanic called to say he was finished.
    Pengie got up, payed, and bought an vanilla ice cream cone for the walk back.
    It had warmed up considerably while he'd been in the diner and the ice cream started rapidly melting, finally getting so bad, he had to drop on the street.

    As Pengie walked into the shop, the mechanic looked up and said "You blew a seal."

    Stunned, Pengie quickly wiped his chin and exclaimed "NO, NO,it's ice cream!"

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    L o l ........! :d
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    There goes another keyboard, the innocent victim of beer being spewed though my nostrils. :D