A no-firearm project . . . sad but true

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    Been busy working on a bunch of other stuff, less time for this forum :(

    We decided to move the garden to a new spot in the spring. I have started to prepare the new plot but needed a new tool!

    And a new tool can build more tools!

    We are on the border of valley loam and glacial till. I have both.

    I needed to get the rocks out of the garden area so we can rototill each year.

    I built the grizzly with my new :D Lincoln Electric WeldPak 125 HD Flux Core Wire Feed Welder (the new tool!) .. ...

    A few shots

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  2. Trez

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    How do you like the welder? Ive been thinking of getting one of those... Have you welded any sheet metal? (All the welders I have are too big!! :eek: )

  3. KG7IL

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    I don't have the gas kit yet, but like the flux core wire feed.
    Since I hadn't welded since high school (well .. a little stick welding last year), not much to complain about.

    Maturity seems to have helped, even with no practice. I suppose it's patience and a better understanding of the process. Didn't say that I didn't study it, just no practice.

    Everthing that I have done with the Weld-Pak has been 3/16 to 1/4 mild steel. No sheet metal yet. Don't even have a project possibility in mind.

    Most of my planned use is to fix tractor implements that I am too rough on.
    I welded the split weldings on the rotary cuttyer deck, the spindle on my rake and the most interesting, replacement pins that hold the rake tines.

    I selected this unit based on a relatives 'Weld-Pak' recommendation and the fact that this particular unit was $300 as a returned/refurbished unit at a Home Depot. Seemed like enough of a good deal for now.