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    Week end before last, the FNH America field rep came to my local gun store, Cheaper Than Dirt. Their entire line of firearms were on display, including their long guns. According to the rep, they already have a contract with the military for one of their rifles and they are in the competition for the .45, which according to the rep, the military is considering readopting and their handgun.

    I've been very impressed with them since I bought my FNP 9mm a few months back and I've been researching their Five-SeveN, which is a 5.7 x 28.mm caliber. I got there just past noon and bought the last black model they had on hand. The CTD sales rep said they had been selling like hotcakes all day long. No wonder, they were offering a $50 in store discount, plus a $200 mail in rebate on the Five-SeveN. I couldn't resist and I'm very happy I couldn't. I took it to the range the next day and put 200 rounds through it, which is very easy to do very quickly since it comes with three twenty round magazines. I fired the closest groupings I've ever fired and fell in love immediately. I literally blew the center right out of the targets. This baby fires so sweet and accurate, with hardly any recoil at all. I went back a second time mid-week and repeated what I'd done the first time. The FNH rep said their handguns are designed so that the recoil comes straight back, rather than up like most pistols do. This makes it so easy to stay on target because it barely moves off. A few days later, I added an Insight M6X Tactical Laser Illuminator and together, they make an awesome looking handgun. I haven't zeroed in the laser yet, but I plan to do that this week.
    I'll post some photo's as soon as I figure out how to upload them here. I've made it my primary home defense pistol, with my Springfield sub compact .40 cal right beside it. I have some very good hand guns and love them all, but I just can't say enough about my new love, the Five-SeveN.
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    Congratulations Edward. Those pistols intrigue me.

    They're very expensive here in CA and the ammo isn't cheap either.

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