A Looming Threat: A Major U.S. Vulnerability."

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    Here comes the latest attempt to impose a so-called "assault weapon" ban. Senator Frank Lautenberg, along with his willing accomplices in the Brady Campaign (AKA: Handgun Control), has released a "study" entitled "Firearms, Explosives and terrorists: A Looming Threat: A Major U.S. Vulnerability."

    The recent Heller and McDonald Supreme Court rulings, confirmed our Second Amendment rights, but because of the necessary narrow focus, left the door open for restrictions on our rights. We knew this fight was coming and here it is.

    The NRA, SAF, GOA, JPFO, etc needs your help. If not already a member of one or more of the gun rights groups, please join. We need your help. These law suits to protect our rights are expensive.

    By the way, if Harry Reid looses his Senate seat on Tuesday, and IF the Democrats keep the Senate majority, Frank Lautenberg will be the Senate Majority Leader, able to call the shots in regards to legislation.

    Follow this link to the Brady Campaign web page, which has a link to the Senator’s “report.”


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    Guys and Girls. This has nothing to do with me, I am not an American. Soros neither but he works with these clowns.:( See the NYC politicians intend as well and start tracking these gun free clown as enemies of you country. Muslim supporters and political correctness their strongest allies.:mad:
    These people will errode your freedom till you are slaves of the Stalin, Hitler, Mugabe, Khaddafi,etc.. regimes.
    However fight now or crawl forever.:mad:

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    Quoted for truth!!
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    The time is coming to fight back hard ! We cannot let these commie wannabes take control and take our freedom, get out and vote ! If for some reason they manage to slip through the cracks, pray and get ready to fight ! They will have to kill me before they get my guns !
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    Lautenberg is a slimy, scum bag, gun grabbing bag of bones that owes his Senate seat to the equally reprehensible NJ judiciary that let him replace Toricelli as the Dem nominee well after the primary. Ole Lautencadaver will not be in the Senate for another term.
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    In all probability Lautenberg would not be the next senate majority leader. Chuckie Schumer wants the job and he is hoping that Reid loses. Some other anti-gun senators also want the job.

    The worst case scenario would be Chuckie Schumer. Schumer is a savvy anti-gunner who knows how to get what he wants. At the last minute Schumer would sneak an anti-gun rider into a bill that the Republicans want very badly.

    Chuck Schumer really, really wants Harry Reid’s job | The Upshot Yahoo! News

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    I don't like it
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