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    This pass weekend I was able to do some training on house clearing A few things was discussed. Knowing your house, Cover and concealment, what to do with your loved ones and what they should do. Couple of different scenario’s discussed was you wake up to intruder in the home at night. You and your family come home to your house broken into.

    Remember its your house you have the advantage of knowing the lay out better then anybody else. By taking a hour in a house you should be able to map out a floor plan pretty well. You most likely have years to figure out your own house. Most people burglarizing your home doesn’t so that will give you a edge. You know where things are placed, you know what rooms your loved ones should be in to get to them fast.

    A simple way to put this is cover is something that protects you and concealment is something that hides you. The things that possible can be used as cover possibly would be a refrigerator, washer, dryer, a solid dresser (im talking about a solid wood such as oak) and a gun safe. Concealment could be a interior wall, table, mattress, and couch. Point is try to learn what might stop a bullet and what won’t. Some things might stop a handgun round but not a rifle round. Remember thing’s that might be concealment empty such as your dresser or book case could turn into cover when packed with clothes or books. Here is a web site to learn more.

    Using Cover in the Home | Shooting Illustrated

    You should have a plan set in place if somebody breaks into your home while your in it. You should all practice that plan at least once a month. Plan for different things so each person knows what they have to do in different instances. If your cut off from the kids rooms. Your kids should know what to do where to hide or go to escape to another location. What you or your spouse should do.

    I have more this is the first part working on the rest. i have 2 more parts that i will post when im done
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    A segment on Best Defense gave some really good advice about this scenario. You should have a code word or phrase to use when danger is present and you want the family to head to safety, be that a safe room or a meeting place that you can defend. There isn't time to argue when seconds can seem like an eternity. When the word is given it is GO time for the members of the household.

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    House clearing is a nice concept but there isn't anything in your house worth your life except your family. Leave the clearing to the professionals, get your family safe and stay with them in a defensible position and guard them from harm while your wife is on the phone/cell telling the police what is going on and where you are and that you are armed so there will be no mistakes.
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    I agree for the most part. The only time I'd clear my house is if somehow the intruders were between my family and me. For example, if I am in the basement and my family is on the second floor. With that possibility in mind, I have and will continue to seek instruction on best techniques and tactics in clearing a house.
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    When you get the police on the phone, tell them you have a gun and you're are going to shoot the intruders. It improves response time! :D

    The only thing secondary to your family worth protecting are your guns. Make sure they are locked up in a good safe that cannot be broken into with a pair of nail clippers!
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    I agree with that it is nice to have all the tools you can in your toolbox.