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    ..my new friend. My wife bought me a Buck Bench (my choice) for Christmas.
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    I finally got to use it today. I love this thing. It fits in the truck of my car. My main point for getting it was to help my boys. A .22 gets heavy after just a short while. We were out for 4 hours. My 11 year old was shooting a 7" steel plate at 100 yards w/ open sights w/ his M1969 .22lr Romanian trainer. I finally got a Marlin 917V dialed in that I re-scoped. My buddies new 597 was a different story. It is going back to the shop he bought it at. I have never seen anything jam like this thing. I'm going to use the bench for woodchuck hunting. It was like shooting out a 1972 Fleetwood window.