A little experimentation with Cerakote.....

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    Ok. So over the weekend I got to thinking about how I could possibly make use of the 32 oz. of Barrett Bronze Cerakote. I ordered it thinking it was one of their metallic colors. Much to my dismay when it showed up and I sprayed my first test plate, it was basically brown. WTF?
    Not bad, but I don't do colors that are slick and look like they could have been painted or powder coated. The metallics just have a whole different feel.

    Sooooo...... How do I transform this "brown" into a metallic?

    I actually came to first solution while pondering how to create a metallic OD Green for my next build. My first thought was to combine the OD green with one of the light metric silvers. I chose metallic aluminum. Was planning on trying this when these colors show up. Then I had another idea. Why could I not mix in some of the super fine metallic powders that I use when casting my custom acrylic pen blanks that I make for my pen making? Couldn't hurt to try..... Got a bunch of the Barrett Bronze. So I got a small jar and poured a couple of ounces of the Barrett Bronze in and proceeded to add in a little bit of gold and copper metallic powders in to it. A little bit goes along way! I then proceeded to spray the free float round hand guard that I took off of my Rock River.
    The camera does not do a great job of picking up the fine metallic, but it is there! It worked! I think I've found the way to rescue this color.

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    Wow, way to think outside the box. Looks good.

  3. Hookeye

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    FWIW that looks a lot like the old Hoyt archery "Safari" finish.
    Very cool.

    I wish they had it again in their recurve line (was only in compounds before).
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    Nice !! color came out pretty nice I might add

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    I think it looks cool and very unique.
  6. va-firearms

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    looks great we often mix colors as well to obtain different finishes, love it !