A Letter from a Gentleman from Sandy Hook!

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    This letter was sent to Obama and his anti-gun group!
    God Bless this good American!


    Elected Officials Are Fundamentally Dishonest
    To the Editor:

    This letter was forwarded to Barack Obama, John Boehner, Chris Murphy, Dick Blumenthal, Elizabeth Esty, and Harry Reid

    I live in Sandy Hook, CT. My family and close friends weren't harmed on December 14. That day impacted 26 families with an indescribable, staggering pain and anguish. For most of Sandy Hook, it merely affected us with an inescapable intensity of sadness and grief.

    Gun control has long been a focus of many in this country. Though I'm not knowledgeable of all the nuances of the Second Amendment, based on the Founding Fathers' circumstances, it had far more to do with enabling the citizenry to protect themselves against tyrannical government than against local psychopaths. It is about providing a balanced firepower so when King George's successor came knocking on your door, you could fight back. Government today is no less inclined to abuse its authority than it was then. Based on the absurd and ongoing power grab that is present day Washington, it's as threatening as ever.

    That so many of you view the NRA with its resistance to further restrictions on firearms as intransigent lunatics has far more to do with how you conduct yourselves in office than it does with the NRA's actions.

    You in public office are fundamentally dishonest people. You lead lives of deception at every turn, structuring your lives as comfortably as you can while governing with an indifference and arrogance that is absolutely maddening. When the country is reeling from financial disaster, you waste a trillion dollars on a health care bill we can't afford and you've never read. You claim it's critical because health care costs are killing this country... no they're not, you are! You are killing this country. You endorse the ongoing slaughter of millions of unborn children and whine when terrorists are water boarded. You can't lecture us right in Newtown High School about not doing enough to keep our children safe, while simultaneously slaughtering the unborn. You fabricate the intense, media laden drama of the fiscal cliff and lack the courage to do anything about truly reforming the obscene gluttony of government. You know you'll be out of office before the bill comes due… you don't care and have no integrity nor honor.

    You lie whenever and wherever you need to to move forth your agenda. Were you able, you would purge the US of guns… every last gun in the country, if you could. So please forgive Wayne La Pierre and those of us who don't trust you as far as we can spit. You're a dishonest lot, motivated by a distorted worldview. If mass murder prevention were truly your goal, you would welcome armed security wherever needed. It is outrageous that we protect our money with far more firepower than we protect our children.

    I have never owned a gun, nor wanted to as intensely as right now. You'll stop restricting guns when only you have them.

    Brendan Duffy

    4 Chestnut Knoll Drive, Sandy Hook January 8, 2013
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    John Boehner is in the anti-gun group? but he's the Republican and Majority leader of the house....I haven't looked up his politics since I don't live in his district, but I would have assumed that he was automatically pro-2nd amendment.

    is that wrong?

  3. CA357

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    Well said. Somebody get that man an AR!
  4. dog2000tj

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    Yes ... Boehner is a douche who has been having his *** handed to him ever since he became House Majority Speaker :mad:

    might be a great project for the folks at FTF to take up ;)
  5. CaseyChadwell

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    I'd throw a few bones in to see to it that man was armed! Take off work and drive it there myself too. Glad that man spoke up!!!
  6. Axxe55

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    damn well said! :D

    too bad Obama and his minions will probably never see that letter. even if they did, i doubt it would have any effect.:mad:

    i'd shake that man's hand for writing that letter as well!

    thanks Sniper for posting this letter.
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    Wasn't the town called newtown not sandy hook? I think sandy hook was the name of the school
  8. dog2000tj

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    the village is Sandy Hook ... in the town of Newton, CT
  9. locutus

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    Gotta call TOTAL, ABSOLUTE BILLSH!T on this one Dog. Boehner is staunchly pro-gun.

    What do we gain by attacking out friends???
  10. chloeshooter

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    Obama & Co. don't have an interest in hearing positions that differ from theirs, regardless of who, where, or when that position is brought forth. The "new" gun control legislation is not expected to get through Congress - maybe COULD HAVE a week or two after Sandy Hook tragedy, but now - it's just another piece of legislation for Congress to (hopefully) do nothing about.

    I believe the White House can now say "we did what we could, we did what will please most of our Huffington-post-low-info-voters"......kind of like last year's jobs bill, I wonder if this is more about making Conservative Republicans (not jack weeds like Chris Christie) look bad ? My guess is: yes
  11. dog2000tj

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    I'll "attack" him morning, noon and night ... he works for me and he has performed poorly at his job! :mad: Name 1 piece of legislation or agenda item that Obama has NOT gotten? :mad: If you feel Boehner has performed his job acceptably I might suggest you are looking at him with the same blind devotion you gave Romney ... where did that get you? :rolleyes: I'll tell you what we would gain by "attacking" him ... possibly a representative that would ACTUALLY represent us!

    with Republicans like him, who needs Democrats? :cool:
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    We don't need guns, other than to hunt for food......What we need is more rope and put it to good use..... I say we start with the gubment and work our way to the drug dealers.... From there go to wall street and the bankers.......Then the oil Barrens.......I have five oak trees that will support my feelings.......Ban all religion, you don't work you don't eat......Mother nature is coming to pay a visit.........:eek:;)
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    Lol like everything about the letter Cept the abortion part. Pro gun and pro choice.
    w00t! w00t!