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    Hey everyone. well first off thanks for your time and ur help... so i have a dilema, im a lefty (ya laugh it up) and i cant seem to find a rifle around the $800 - $1200 range, i was looking at the tikka t3 but my local gun shop said it would be over a year to order one in, im just askin for some input on what ambi or left handed bolt actions they got out there.... also has any leftys out there forced themselves to shoot right and if its possible to get use to with practice???(and dont chirp if thats the dumbest thing uve ever heard which it might be)

    Thanks again everyone,

  2. Joshua M. Smith

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    I reach over the top of the 'scope to operate the bolt. With no 'scope, its even easier.

    Josh <><
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    I'm right handed but shoot all guns left handed with no problem, being right handed tho I dont think i could operate a left bolt action gun as it would seem wierd to me
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    Hi Bainy.

    Do not try to adapt to a right handed gun. I'm a lefty who shot right hand bolt actions for many years. In the early 1970s I traded for a Mathieu. Then in 1986 I bought a Remington 700 left hand gun. At present there are 9 left hand guns in the safe. I will not hunt with a right handed gun.

    It is a pleasure to finally use something that was made for you, a left hander. Buy a good Remington, Savage, Tikka or other left handed gun and do not look back.
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    I actually use my stock hand to work the bolt and have gotten quite good at it when it comes to speed and accuracy. the shells coming in front of you face is something you get used to, I don't even notice it anymore. There's a lot more of us lefties out there then you think. I've shot right handed guns now for 15 yrs, I don't think I could use a left-handed gun. most people I shoot with unless pointed out don't even notice I'm a lefty.
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    Bainey - First off, what are you trying to do with this weapon? Do you want a good hunting rifle? Do you want a tactical rifle? What is your end goal.?

    First thought, I would suggest looking in the used market. The left handed firearms niche is not small, and while a new factory rifle might be what you want, you might be able to find an overall better value on a weapon that has been built by a left hander.

    Outside of that, Savage would be a company that I would recommend you take a look at. They have a couple of good packages right now that are affordable.

    Baring that, if you wanted to build a weapon, there are a couple of action makers that make dedicated left hand actions, and also make right hand bolt handled models with a left hand feed & eject system.

    There are lots of options available to you, but we need to know what you are trying to achieve before we get too carried away.

    By the way, "cross shooting" or trying to use your left eye dominant head with your right hand isn't the best for safety or for inherent accuracy.

    I am left handed, but I am right eye dominant, so I learned to shoot right handed very young. This leaves my dominant hand for all other operations, which makes things very nice for me. I don't have the over developed trigger hand problems that some people experience and I can buy "off the rack" for just about anything. I got lucky with genetics. :D

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    Or you could be like me, left handed, right eye dominant, but with my right eye suffering vision loss to a point they've not been able to correct it :D

    I just trained my left eye to be more or less equally dominant.

    Josh <><
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