A holstered gun is concealed:Miss law

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    The article is correct in stating that House Bill 2 has been passed and the State Supreme Court has backed it, allowing it to be put into effect. HB 2 redefined the concealed carry law previously written and passed in 1992 which, as a practical measure, nullified the OC provision written into the Mississippi State Constitution in 1890.

    The article is grossly incorrect in trying to tie this in with “Jim Crow laws,” As I write above, the restrictive Concealed Carry law was written in 1992, and cannot possibly have any connection to “Jim Crow.”

    The article is also incorrect in stating that CC licenses were “granted by local authorities to only favored ones.” Concealed Carry permits are issued by the State. Applications for CC are taken at the MHP offices and fingerprints are taken at the same place by a State official...and supplied by the state.

    Multiple inaccuracies in the article, as well as in the clickable link within the article makes this a link to take with a grain of salt.

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    Both of my brotherinlaws have the enhanced permits and had no trouble getting them. They are not "connected" with law enforcement.

    I have been getting by just fine on car carry (and desk) and open carry just makes the transition better.

    IIRC the open carry deal also keeps permitted concealed carriers from having to worry about "printing" or accidentally exposing their pistol momentarily (wardrobe malfunction).
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