A Happy Valentine’s Day To All My Dear Sweet FTF Friends.

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Vincine, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Vincine

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    Roses are red, Violets are blue. I have a gun. Get in the van.

    Not stolen:

    Roses are red, targets are black.
    Try to take my firearm, and I’ll give you some flack.

    Roses are red, 1911s are classic.
    Don’t you think a .50 caliber handgun, is just a little bit bombastic?

    Roses are red, brass is yellow.
    Try to hurt me & mine, and I’ll turn you into Jell-o.

    Roses are red. I hope I’ll never be a defendant,
    just because I’ve exercised, my Second Amendment.

    Roses are red. Firearms Talk Forum,
    is the place I go to read, a political discussion with decorum.

    Roses are red, AR 15s are black.
    Did you think you could get them restricted, without getting some blowback?

    Roses are red. If you’re an empiricist like John Locke,
    there’s no doubt in my mind, you’d end up with a Glock.

    Roses are red. To insure against a tyrant;
    a population with the Right to Bear Arms, was made the deterrent.

    I came up with some others, and could have written more, but they started to revolve around barrel length, banging, hardness, and other phrases more appropriate for The Bunker, if not the Tail Trail. Sub-forums that a person such as myself, being all sweetness and light, do not visit. (I say while batting my eyelashes coquettishly.)

    Wait a minute . . . Violets aren't blue, they're VIOLET!
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  2. dango

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    And a Happy Valentines Day back at you .! :)

  3. winds-of-change

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    Thanks, Vini. And a happy Valentine's Day to you, too.
  4. boatme98

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    A happy Valentine's day to you.
  5. WebleyFosbery38

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    V, I love that!!! Its heartfelt, warm, fuzzy and all those things that a redneck couple in love can bond with on this special day. Heres my idea of a perfect Val day. Wake up with the horizontal bop, a yummy breakfast of homemade sausage, greens and venison. Later in the day we can shoot squirrels off the back deck then a little more bopping. After a delicious squirrel dinner, we can clean our guns together near the woodstove with some Single Barrel Jack and go to bed early (But fall asleep late!!!!!).

    OK, thats a dream, its not gonna happen but a guys gotta dream. Mrs Web Fos isnt the perfect Redneck wife but I love her anyways!