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This little post is ABOUT a BP rifle, but includes nitro loading data for the cartridge I was shooting this morning, which does, however, duplicate a BP load - so I'm told.


It's great when you CAN get out and shoot, even if there are still pretty severe limitations covering how many and where. Luckily for us, our outdoor range has been opened now for a couple of weeks, and while I've been spending time trying to get my new-to-me Pritchett rifle working, there has been a deal of range-time for other things as well.

Being poor, I could never afford a real Winchester model 1885 High Wall, but this Uberti replication goes a long way to scratching that particular itch for me. Like a dwong, I forgot to pull the target, so I'm certain that none of you would believe how well it shoots. Next time, maybe. However, one of the things I like about our club are the facilities we have for checking out reloads - we have two Lab-radars and two of the Magneto-whatsits, or whatever they are called. and this morning I was able to check out my reloads - an eye-opener, too.

WARNING!!! Reload data that you duplicate at your own risk! - It came, however, out of a well-regarded loading manual.

The load is 33gr of 4198 under a 405gr hard-cast multi-grooved and prelubed flat nosed bullet, CCI200 standard primers and Starline cases. This load gave me 1380 fps, and made five-shot groups of just over and inch-and-a-half @50m.

That load produced 1317 ft lbs of ME. Quite adequate, some would say, for most North American soft-skinned game up to and including a reasonable moose inside 50 yards - put in the right place, of course. I refuse to quote the ME in Joules. To me, Joules is the name of some panty-waisted woofter, not a measure of POWER.


Anyhow, as far as the powder is concerned, I must make hay while the sun shines. Y'see somebody in the European Commission decided that a whole swathe of US-made nitro powders that we have all relied on for donkey's years are now somehow far more dangerous in their containers than they are behind a bullet, and they have been banned as being manufactured in a way that causes some kind of offence to European nostrils. Maybe somebody in a lab decided that eating a pound of the stuff sprinkled on your cane florks every morning for 795 years could possibly induce some kind of allergic action.

Who knows?

All I know is that when my last jug of 4198 has gone, that's it. :(

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Uberti's are nice rifles. A friend on mine showed up a Uberti 1885 in 30-30. The rifle had period correct tang and front sight. Due to health concerns he has not shot the rifle to date. My experience is with a Pedersoli Sharps. I understand there is some collaboration between Uberti and Pedersoli on the 1885;s This is a topic of debate.I have had good results from Accurate 5744.

Right, both replicas allow shooters to have high performance single shots without having to pay collectors prices. I need to share a warning that, like many shooting sports,,single shots can become highly addictive.
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