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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by Jables, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. Jables

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    I know this is going to open a can of worms. I'm applying for a jailer position. I need a reliable handgun for work. I am on a budget, think about maybe a 1911. I probably can spend between $250-$350, so I'm not going for the top of the line, I doubt I'll ever have to use it except to qualify so I do need something that's accurate, but not going to kill me in price, also something that's manageable to carry on my side. Any suggestions, please when giving suggestions, tell why, thanks.
  2. BigO01

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    My guess here is that IF you get the job they''l tell you what is allowed . I wouldn't run out on a limited budget and buy anything yet regardless of what we here on the board think .

    They may even issue you the weapon they expect you to carry .

    As far as new $250-350 1911's you kinda missed the boat by about a year or so .

    The RIA is a no frills Military repro of the old warhorse that could be had in that price range but as it's reputation for reliability and quality grew so has it's base price which now is more in the $400+ range even off of the internet .

    Should they give you an option there are lots of fine guns available as police trade ins , I've seen S&W 9mm's and 40 S&W caliber guns as well as some nice looking Sig's online at various places many will fit into your given price range and requirements as former LEO duty weapons .

    Since most agencies tend to avoid a single action gun like a 1911 "with the exception of specialized units" I would bet you'll wind up with a double/single action weapon like the Sig's or S&W's I just mentioned . Nothing wrong with them at all as they are as accurate as any others it is just that the transition from DA to SA can take some getting use to , nothing that lots of practice wont fix or they wouldn't be issued to millions of cops around the world .

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    I agree with all of what BigO said, if you must spend around $300 I would suggest a Kel-Tec PF9 very reliable and very accurate. It is easy to carry and to conceal if need be. The downside is it only holds 7 in the mag. Just my 2cents. I would spend another 100 and get a Glock if you can.:D
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    If you can only have one,make it the Glock 19..................
  5. Dillinger

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    Jables - I am going to give you the same advice I just gave a friend of mine who got hired by the local county sheriff.

    You can't buy a weapon now, based on what you think you are going to need later. You need to 1) Get the job, and then 2) find out what the guys who are doing the job, day in and day out, are carrying.

    If they don't issue you a service weapon, they may have an employee purchase program that allows you to get your gear now ( VEST, weapon, holster, uniforms, boots, etc ) and then they deduct some from your check to cover it as you go along, or they might recommend dealing with a certain dealer who will give you a discount because of your job.

    Best of luck with the interview(s)!!

  6. Jables

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    +1 Thanks JD.
  7. ScottG

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    Good luck to you. My dad's friend worked at a county jail. Not the most fun place to be. I might humbly suggest you also buy a hazmat suit to protect yourself from "gassing." Though I doubt they'd let you wear one....
  8. BillM

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    +1 on "wait and see" You haven't got the job, and they probably have a list of allowed
    guns. At least wait and get one in whatever caliber they provide practice ammo for!

    That said, there are good reliable guns out there in your range. I'm partial to Glocks,
    and police trade-in G17's (9mm) and G22's (40 S&W) are running right at $350 with
    2 mags. All are good guns, and if you get lucky you might get one with night sights
    or other goodies.

  9. stalkingbear

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    AFTER you see what you'll be allowed to carry-what's wrong with a good solid .357 revolver?
  10. Shooter

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    If this is for a jail position I would prefer to have a full clip and backup clips needed over a revolver. Few extra rounds might save your life in a riot situation.
  11. stetson

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    That's excellent advice ,wait and see what the rest of the staff uses for a sidearm.Also what benes they offer.
  12. BigO01

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    So Jables did you get the job ?

    Any updates on the equipment situation you would care to share ?