A good bolt action tube fed rifle?

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    Hi, recently I have been thinking about buying my second rifle :) . I am tired of paying so much for slugs for my shotgun because that's all i can shoot at my local range :eek: . I would prefer to have one that would be a bolt action, tube fed, rimfire 22. I don't really want to have to pay out the ass either I need to have something affordable!!

    Thanks in advance.....:p
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    Look around for a used Marlin 81. Tube fed, lot of them around, good accurate hunting grade rifle, easy to scope if you want a scope.

    Or a Remington 512 Scoremaster.

    Hey! Old guns need love too! Just picked up a Marlin 81 for $60 a few weeks ago- toe of stock had been chipped, buttplate broken. Had a spare buttplate from an 81 I bought as a parts guns some years ago. Now I have a spare 81 to make a grandkid happy.

    Neither the Marlin nor Remington is a benchrest target rifle, but will hold minute-of-squirrel at 50 yards.

    And where are my manners? Welcome to the forum- when you get a minute, stop by the intro section, say hello, and tell us a bit about yourself.
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