A funny question that i couldnt answer.

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  1. So i was in my living room cleaning my DPMS carbine. When my Mother asks me ( Why do they call a carbine a carbine?). I respond with (Well a carbine is a shortened version of a full size rifle made for easier portability and close quarters environments.). She says( I understand that but how did they come up with the name Carbine, what is the word meaning?).:confused: Well i was stumped, I have no idea where the name comes from and cant find any info on the web about it either. I felt kinda stupid so now i want to find out. If any of you fellas know could you please tell me. I need a brief history lesson, Thanks fellas.:D

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    Perfectly reasonable question, with a simple answer. The term for a short barreled shoulder firearm comes from the French Carabine. These were mounted soldiers (Dragoons) that carried short muskets. Gradually, the term for the soldier was applied to their firearms. The middle A was dropped, and carabine became carbine.

    Now, the argument over car-bean or car-bine is another matter entirely......:rolleyes:
  3. Thanks buddy. I already went that avenue though. It doesn't tell me where the word came from, such as is it someones name that came up with shortened rifles or does the word just mean short version of something.
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    If memory serves.....

    Carbine is actually from the French design Carabine, which I believe is "rifle".

    Louis-√Čtienne de Thouvenin developed one of the first, if not THE first, version of the carabine, which was the design that inspired the Minnie Ball.

    Why is that relevant? Because the Minnie Ball was the precursor to modern rifling.

    So the term "carbine" is referring to a short barreled "rifle" - a weapon that shoots ammo that spins on it's axis.

    And if that's not right someone will be along to correct me, but in the meantime you have a great piece of history. :cool:

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    From this day forth I will adding, "c/o c3shooter" in all my questions.:D
  6. Thanks for the info everybody. I thought i might catch some flak some where for this question, but hey i didn't know so i asked.