A FTF heads up warning

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    A FTF heads up warning on legal advice

    I know of no Lawyer on this forum, there may be one but they are keeping to themselves. Asking for legal advice of any type is not a good thing on forums unless it is verified the responder is a lawyer. We cannot nor will we be able to verify any claim of such a person.

    Many of us understand that people simply want a heads up or a for us to ease there minds with a simple yes or no regarding some law concerning firearms. The fact is most of us will post a state law or federal law regarding the issue asked, and most times we will tell you to seek legal counsel from someone who knows, (a Lawyer).

    It is not that we don’t wish to help, but rather a liability both personal and for the board that is the reason no one should try and give legal advice unless they are a qualified Lawyer.

    And remember this is an open forum with most of our forums open to the public without having to join. So anyone from you and me to the federal government likes to take a look and see what is said. If you post anything that may be construed to be a criminal or suggested criminal act such as saying so and so needs to be assonated or maybe my _________ has a full automatic weapon that is not registered, where can I register it to make it legal? And/or any number of things that may be questionable of its legal status then you should be prepared for a No Knock warrant being served on you in the near future.

    Please think before you post.

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    "Quoted for truth and damn skippy!" :cool:


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    Great post opaww, thumbs up!
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    I got a card and all though. Trust me, the card says you can.


    Good post Opaww.
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    Can we change the title to reflect the topic and sticky this to every subforum here?
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    I couldn't have said it better opaww! [​IMG]
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    I'll drink to that.......

    You know what they say about a Lawyer defending himself in court.........Or was it Phys. Heal thy self.....;) Thanks Oppaw.....
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    Good post opaww.
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    Yes, need t know....

    Yep, I currently have a post on here asking about a FTF. I am a new resident of Texas. Have only been here for 4 months, but it will be my home until I go walking with Fred Bear. I have been told that in Texas it is legal to do a FTF with another resident of Texas. No paperwork, no NICS, just a handshake and you're on your way. I am selling a handgun on the internet and had a gentleman ask me if we could do a FTF...he is in Houston. Well, since I am new to Texas, I thought it at least a bit wise to get a copy of his DL, and bring it with him.
    That's when a flag went up. He told me he does not have a Texas DL, he has a Florida DL. He travels at his work, and does have a lease agreement he would supply. That's when I cam to the forum for help. Had more folks than not, say the absence of a Texas DL is a red flag. The guy emailed me back and stated he has done 3 or 4 of these already. But I just had a feeling that this was a just not a good idea. And as stated by a lot of folks on this post, you just can't be sure of folks' credentials on the net.
    Needless to say, I emailed him back about 20" ago and told him we will now have to go through an FFL for the transfer. I will sleep much better tonight. I'm sure folks have been doing this FTF in Texas for years.
    I apologize for jumping your post, but I thought since I have a current post about this subject....it was worth mentioning. Paul F.
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    Well the best bunch of legal minds I ever knew was up around Kayce, Wyoming. They held court every Friday night at the Invasion Saloon. No one ever was charged more than a shot of Cactus brandy for earned advice.
    Now these Layers er' cowboys had earned law degrees from county lock ups in Texas,New Mexico and Wyoming. They would assure you if you lost your case and went to jail they would still be at the Invasion Saloon when you got out. Now how many "High Tone" lawyers offered anything llike that?:D

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    some one pulled a list of my guns from a post I made YEARS ago on another site I no longer even use . That was an awaking xperiance .
    Once on the internet ....... its there forever
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    Free legal advice is worth ever penny paid for it. Plus, even IF an attorney answered a question here, there is no attorney-client privilege of statements/questions/advice in any open venue.
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    All well and good but how many lawyers answer anything correctly ? If lawyers always came to the right conclusion, there'd surely be fewer court cases . I knew a woman whose lawyer advised her incorrectly and ended up costing her over $30,000 ----and the lawyer-controlled complaint board she filed with found for the lawyer . The aforementioned board said lawyers only have to deliver average competence, not meet some objective standard of competence etc . !
    Jack Ruby ( Note to dummies : The guy who killed Oswald . Note to dummies who even vote for Democrats : Oswald killed Kennedy ) was represented by a lawyer who could have simply had him plead guilty and ask for mercy but instead invented a ridiculous insanity defense which landed Ruby a death sentence .
    Gotta love lawyers .... If you need any legal advice, you'd probably be better off asking me . Since that's not allowed, try Massad Ayoob's book, In the Gravest Extreme and Alex Jason's video, Deadly Force . To explore the mythical duty of the police to rescue you, read Richard Stevens' book, Dial 911 and Die ( available from www.jpfo.org .

    Petition site : www.supportsecondamendment.com
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    ^^^^yes, yes^^^^
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    Please remember, an attorney will give you an opinion. It will be based on law and their experience. It is an opinion. A judge will tell you what will be.
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    My standard advice is to do what I recently did when a legal problem came up. Call your local bar association. Mine was the county bar association. Get a referral to a local lawyer; it cost me $35 for an hour consultation. In that hour, we worked out a plan that cost me another $100. My problem was solved in about 3 days. I went in prepared with all my info typed out for him, which made things go pretty easily. I would do that again, if needed.
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    I have been in the legal system for 40 years and I can tell you I have met hundreds of attorneys and I can count on one hand the ones who are trustworthy enough to believe what they say.
    Advice from an attorney is WAY OVERRATED!!!!
    If you do your own research of the law you will know more than most attorneys do about it. The advice you get here is probably BETTER than most of the advice you will get for MOST attorneys!!! :(