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Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by supergus, Nov 25, 2008.

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    I was at the gun shop today and a guy brought in a Ruger .300 Win. rifle. (Not sure of the model). He said he had it behind him on his four wheeler and the barrel was sticking out a little. The barrel hit the railing on his deck and spun the rifle around, swatting the dude in the aft region. Next thing he knows, the barrel is bent. Now, I'm no genius, but I would think even Ruger's thin barrels would hold up better than that. You could stand across the room and see the bend. Can this be possible? The guy is damn lucky he noticed and didn't try putting a .300 Win. round in and pull the trigger. I haven't seen a barrel bend like that but I sure have seen a bolt action blow up. Just thought I'd share and see if anyone has ever had a bent barrel for seemingly no reason.
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    All I can say is "Hey Fred Hold my beer and watch this"

    Sounds like he was out screwing around on the ATV and was roaring around his yard when he hit the 6x6 desk piller with his rifle barrel.

    If you hit it with enough force you can bend it I am sure.

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    I have only seen three in my life - and all three came into the shop looking for us to either 1) change it out - the smart choice, or 2) "Straighten it out". What?!

    This would be a first though. The ones that I have seen have involved 2 stories of "falling down", and a story of the weapon "leaning" against a tree at the campsite and being "backed into" by one of the pack horses. :rolleyes:

    This would be a new one by me - but my first question would be, what the hell was he chasing/running from, that had him going THAT fast to do that kind of damage??

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    I bent the barrel on a stainless Mini-14 many years ago (don't ask, youthful anger management issues). I straightened it well enough to actually hit the broad side of a barn at 50 yards. Later blew that rifle up (Once again, don't ask).
  5. supergus

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    According to him:rolleyes: he was driving up a ramp to park the ATV on the deck:confused:. Still, I would think it would take more force to bend a barrel.
    BTW I found out it was a Ruger Model 77 MK. II. (about 10 years old).
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    My father-in-law was rabbit hunting about 20 years ago and was trying to catch one of his stubborn dogs. He was following it through some thick brush, trying to get close enough to grab her collar when he tripped over a tree root. He basically stuck the barrel in the mud. After catching the dog and returning to his truck, he was ramming the mud out with a wooden dowel rod when he noticed the barrel was bent. The gun was a single shot New England, his brother happened to have an extra barrel that he sold him.