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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by NewGunz, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. NewGunz

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    So I'm starting to get the hang of cleaning but it seems like it's harder than what people have described to me.

    I've been in auto detailing for a couple years and I therefore was trained to have a detailer's eye. I was trained by some of the best in the industry and consequently, it's made me a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning. I've cleaned my new Sig Sauer P226 twice now and I'm starting to get the hang of it but it seems more time-consuming than what people say. I've heard guys talk about going to the range and then cleaning it real quick after. I just went to the range for the first time since I last cleaned it and it took me almost 2 hours to thoroughly clean it again. Granted, I definitely was not rushing as this is my day off and I was also text messaging a lot while cleaning.

    Nevertheless, I found a LOT of black buildup all throughout the slide and frame. The second I thought I was done, I kept finding more and more and it took quite a bit of rubbing with the cleaning patches to get the dirt out, mostly because of the nooks and crannies. This makes sense to me as explosions always create byproducts and send stuff flying everywhere, but why is it that so many people act like a quick clean after the range is no big deal?

    I've also been taught in detailing to always try to use the least aggressive method possible. So I'm used to trying to use more elbow grease instead of powerful cleaners. Does this apply at all to guns or should I just douse the thing in cleaning solvent to speed the job up and clean better?
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    It will become a much faster chore for you as you get used to the process. If you use good products, you shouldn't need too much elbow grease. Some scrubbing and rubbing is usual, but you shouldn't have to work that hard at it. You also want to be very careful cleaning the barrel. Take care not to damage the chamber throat or the muzzle crown.

  3. sweeper22

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    It sounds like you might be getting a little too consumed with the details.

    A guy can probably get his gun 95+% clean in half the time he can get it super-detailed, 100%. So maybe you might consider doing the ultra-thorough thing once a month or so, and otherwise settling for "clean enough". That's my approach anyway.

    I usually spend 15-30mins on my p226 after shooting. A do-it-all cleaner/lubricator like RemOil can save some time. Just use something a little more substantial on the rails.
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    I wouldn't worry about getting it 100% clean after every range trip.
    Do a quick clean after every range trip, then, as sweeper22 said, maybe once a month or so give it a thorough cleaning.
    Q-tips and tooth brushes (especially the kind designed for cleaning guns) are a life saver.

    When it comes to my 1911's, my 100% cleaning involves taking it completely apart, and I do mean completely so I can clean everything and make sure everything is lubed properly. I don't recommend doing this with your Sig however. The way the Sig is built, you should be able to get it as clean as it needs to be by just taking it down to the "field stripped" level.
  5. CA357

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    There is also the neanderthal approach that I use when the gun has gotten really dirty. I spray it down, every nook and cranny, with brake cleaner first. The brake cleaner really cuts the crud. Then I spray it down with Hoppe's Elite and clean and lube as usual.

    Be careful. Don't use the brake cleaner on parts that may react adversely to it. Some finishes and synthetics can be harmed from it.
  6. c3shooter

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    (Ahem) Folks that are a bit OC should pay someone else to clean their guns, and then not look at them. However, such persons are handy to keep around if you are in the military, and trying to get ready for an inspection. :D
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    i love brake clean and air compressors
  8. utf59

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    All of the above, plus pipe cleaners. Make sure there's no wire sticking out, or you might scratch something.