A Few AK-related questions.

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    Well, I've been watching a video of someone speed/tactically reloading an AK. Here's the video: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvZwkv_NUmU]YouTube - Speed Reload With the AK-47[/ame] (action starts at 0:07/0:08 and a swear warning for those with loved ones in the room)

    And there's one thing I don't understand about this technique, the user pulls the bolt back which cycles a new round. Then the old magazine is taken out and the new one is inserted. After all that the bolt goes back. Does that mean the round from the old magazine is still in the chamber and there is another thirty rounds in the new magazine to accompany the one in the chamber (which adds up to thirty-one rounds). Is that correct or am I missing something here?

    My second question is how can you tell the difference between an AK-47 and a Norinco Type-56 if the T56 didn't have the hooded front sight? Is there a difference in the wood color? I'm impressed on how people can tell the difference between the two even if the hooded front sight isn't visible. Is it because one has a milled/stamped receiver? But that would mean the '56 would be based off the AKM if it had a milled receiver which I don't think is possible because it doesn't have a slanted muzzle brake like the AKM rather than the AK-47.

    Ugh! I am so confuzzled! Sorry if the post was worded very poorly, I can't seem to find a way to put it in an understandable format.

    Thank you all very much for reading this post!
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    The new round is not cycled into the chamber until the boltcarrer is released.
    So if you hold the charging handle back no round is cycled until it is released.

    And for telling the difference between AKs, there is so much mix & match stuff going on any more it is getting harder to tell one from the other.

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    Oh, that's what I assumed at first; I just wanted an answer from someone who's actually used an AK before :p

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    Well, if you were loading a new mag you would have already spent the last round and the ejection port would be closed, carrier would be forward and chamber empty.

    This method isn't all that much faster and I think it is complicating the mag change a bit. It also requires you to hold the firearm in an awkward position during reload. It especially wouldn't work for leftys.

    Only after MUCH practice should this be attempted in a "real" situation.
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    the 2nd way is how i have mostly seen it done and would be alittle faster to me because your finger is already on the trigger. doesnt really matter because it is all about what works best for you. as long as you dont have alot of steps and smooth motions your end result will be the same. really all about muscle memory.