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Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by GaryE, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. GaryE

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    For some reason it seems that some of the blog sites have a
    attitude of lets not offend the criminals. Take the problems we are having
    on our southern border. We have American citizens getting killed by illegal
    aliens and other activities such as a couple who live close to the border
    coming home from shopping only to find a womans head laying in their front
    yard as a reminder not to speak about the drug crossing activity they might
    have seen. Yet, when I mention of what I feel is the way to deal with these
    problems the blog site gets all upset. I don't know about you but I go by
    the old school ways of getting things taken care of as our grandfathers generation did. Have we become such a nation of people that we're afraid of
    what someone else thinks? Look at the recent article concerning a group of
    mexicans who were throwing rocks at the our border patrol on our turf where
    one of them ended up getting shot and killed by our agents yet the president
    of Mexico throws a fit demanding that his nation retaliate but he sure as hell
    dosen't seem to care about the American citizens who get killed by the
    crooks of his country. Now he's whining to Obama who will probably bow down and kiss his ***. I don't know about you but I will keep my old school
    values regardless of how many people I offend. Its time to take care of
    our problems the right way. Enough of the "just give everyone a big hug"
    attitude. Where have all the Gen. Patton's gone.
  2. c3shooter

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    Do not know which blogs you have been on- but there seems to be a lot of the "let's all hold hands and sing Kum-Bi-Yah" types around.

    It is too bad that stupid is not immediately painful.

  3. GaryE

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    you are absolutely right

    I agree 100% with you. Just look around at the mess this countries in. If we only
    had the same attitude and standards of our forefathers business would be taken
    care of the proper way instead of this everybody hold hands and drag it on
    crap for the next ten years. Folks enough of who we'll offend. We're a laughing
    stock for the rest of the world because they feel we don't have a backbone
    anymore. To the hundreds of thousands of veterans who never came back
    alive in all our wars that must be turning over in their graves I can only say
    I am so sorry that the younger generations have no concern whatsoever for
    what you sacrificed.
  4. zhuk

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    Its happening all over, not just the US. IMO it comes down to a lack of personal responsibility at the individual's level - You got badly treated as a kid? Never mind! we understand if that causes you to decide as an adult to break laws and become a criminal arsehole...its society's fault for not giving you a 'fair go'! :rolleyes:

    So of course, society pays. Not the perp responsible. Give em that slap on the wrist and tell them "Not to do it again, OK?!"

    There. All sorted.
  5. RJCXJ

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    Too true.... I keep reading whining from liberals about how everything is ALWAYS someone elses fault. Never their fault... Drives me crazy. Step up! Own it! Get help! Move on!

    In a sad way.... it makes me feel better to read about the same mental retaradation happening in other parts of the world. For a long time I thought it was just the US being laughed at... and now Europe and other parts of the world are falling apart. For at least a moment it made me feel better....

  6. vezpa

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    The one thing all of us who think logically and read forums like this can do is to have kids and raise them correctly like us. We have to many morons in the USA and we are badly outnumbered. :mad:

    Oh well maybe the 2012 prophecies will come true and we won't have anything to worry about.
  7. GaryE

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    Your right

    I was talking to a fellow veteran today and he was telling me how China has
    a score level its high school students must meet in order to qualify for going
    to college. China graduated 350,000,000 this year and those who fall within
    the score requirement will be able to go on to college and those who don't
    will have to find a job. Looks like the majority made the high score required
    to go on to college. Here where I live we have 40 percent of the kids dropping
    out of high school. China now is dumping all U.S. notes and investments as
    they are seeing the value of the dollar going down and can foresee some bad
    news. They're getting rid of any U.S. money investments as we are going to
    be seeing a hyperinflation period for the our country worse than what Germany
    went through after WWI. In fact if possible I will post information on our economy that most people do not know about. You won't like what you read!
  8. GaryE

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    Checkout this information

    I had this verified, try to find the segment on "Hyperinflation is Dead Ahead"
    and read it. There are other items including the concealed carry area.
    Look up "eletter@news.personalliberty.com"