a democrat votes with his gun.

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    this looney is town supervisor. a democrat. and on sanity medication. this is what the folks in wi keep electing.

    taken from: Bristol Palin's dancing prompts man to shoot his TV - JSOnline

    A rural Dane County town supervisor believes Bristol Palin should not be on "Dancing With The Stars."

    He demanded his wife get his pistols to emphasize his point.

    The result: A 15-hour standoff Monday and Tuesday involving hostage negotiators, a dog team and other law enforcement authorities on one side and the Town of Vermont man on the other.

    The only casualty: The man's television.

    Dane County prosecutors have charged Steven N. Cowan with second-degree reckless endangerment in the incident that made his wife worry that he would shoot her, according to a criminal complaint.

    Cowan, 67, and his wife were in the living room Monday night, watching the dance competition program that has featured the daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin this season as one of the competitors.

    As Bristol Palin danced on the screen, Cowan raged.

    "The (expletive) politics," he yelled, according to the complaint. Cowan, a Town of Vermont supervisor, was upset that a political figure's daughter was on the show when he didn't consider her a good dancer, his wife told authorities.

    Cowan went to his bedroom and came back about 20 minutes later, demanding that his wife find his pistols. Cowan's daughter had taken two handguns away for safety reasons, according to the complaint.

    Cowan had tracked down a single-shot shotgun in the house, he "slapped" shells down onto a TV tray, loaded a round and took out the TV, the complaint says.

    Cowan's face was bright red. He loaded the gun again. His wife put a blanket over her head, thinking that if her husband decided to shoot at her, she didn't want to see it.

    Cowan then demanded his pistols. His wife grabbed her purse and left the house and went to the local police department and the standoff ensued.

    Cowan's wife told authorities that he has been taking medication for bipolar disorder and that the family's finances have caused stress. He had been drinking at a bar before he came home, according to the complaint.

    Larry Ziemer, a fellow town supervisor, said he has known Cowan for about 20 years.

    "I have nothing but good things to say about Steve," Ziemer said. "It was totally out of character for this to occur. He just does an excellent job on the town board and in his private working life."

    Ziemer said Cowan is a talented carpenter and is well-respected in the area. Ziemer said he had never heard Cowan speak ill of Sarah Palin or her family before.

    "He and I agree pretty much on politics," Ziemer said. "We would probably lean both to the liberal side."
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    Sarah Palin drives liberals crazy, they just hate her. I guess that by extension, her family makes them nuts as well.

  3. Jpyle

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    Antipsychotics plus alcohol and another Palin winning the hearts of America...enough to set half of New England on fire...:D
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    I actually feel very sad for that old man and his family. Obviously they are going through a very tough time and I wish them the best. :(

    As for the news article, most likely sensationalized just for the sake of it :mad:
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    (i meant to put this in the politic forum but i missed if it could be oved i would appreciate it)

    i doubt it since he is a democratic town councilman. he did shoot his tv because bristol palin was voted to continue. dane county is basically a mini california. this town is outside madison the state capitol the entire county is pretty much under 100% liberal control. if anything i would say it was toned down.

    im not a fan of sarah palin. i see her as a quiter. but long as she pisses the libs off im ok with her. anyone that makes libs go into 15 hour swat standoffs just by her daughter on a crappy tv show... i gotta give her some cred.

    the thing that really struck me is a liberal who is almost certainly anti-gun has guns...
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    That's the thing about anti-gunners when they get into office...suddenly guns are OK, for their protection :rolleyes: They're important people now godammit!

    Whole nother thing supporting them for the ordinary citizen though.


    That guy sounded well crazy enough without any added Palin-provocation...
  7. freefall

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    This is why liberals want to ban guns. They know that THEY can't be trusted with them, so assume no-one can be. That is the cause of hoplophobia.