A day late and dollar short

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    I was at our beach house this past weekend sleeping off the major sun and wind burn in the late afternoon when I heard some screaming and all sorts of comotion going out side . With full intentions of getting up to check it out i fell back asleep . I got up about 15-20 minutes later to blue and red lights all up and down the street . Some dude had beat his girlfriend , drug her out into the street and hit her with the car .. I had both the pt92 and my pt111 sitting right there 2 ft from me . If I had just gotten up that $hit would not have gone down so easy . Kinda Pisses me off when you were right there with the tools and could not do anything .
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    As the old saying goes hind sight is 20-20. I will tell you from experience most of us have at one time or another in our life wished we would have reacted differently to a situation that was serious. But in your case how were you to know the seriousness of the situation or the results. I have no doubt if you had you would have reacted. In addition only God knows the outcome of the situation if you had reacted. I am sure you are proficient with your pistols as most of us here on the FTF. But you might have walked into something blind with good intention which could have resulted in you being injured,seriously hurt or worse. But we also live and learn and I have no doubt if a situation like that occurs in the future you will no doubt react. But with that, use caution, common sense and be aware of your surroundings. One thing is! Your life today is going on as it has for you and your family. As I stated earlier only God knows the outcome of what could have happened.
    I can not help but feel you were just not meant to be there.

    Take Care!;)

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    Consider it a mixed blessing and move on.