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    I was reading through some of the threads, and several people mentioned how they put 2 or 3 thousand rounds through the Hi Point before cleaning it. I have a question WHY would you treat a gun that way? Is it because youre trying to test it? I just don't understand people who don't clean their guns. Guns should be like a companion or a girlfriend, you should take care of them. I know a guy at work who purchased a 1700 dollar Kimber, and NEVER cleans the weapon, what is up with that? ok........rant over : )
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    Maybe its a "poor man's durability test"? Maybe it's supposed to mean something to someone. I have a Hi-point 9mm carbine rifle. Even though it's probably the cheapest gun I own, the first thing I did was the normal tear down, inspect, lube and laser sight in. It's inexpensive but I wouldn't own it if I thought it was total junk. Its more prone to breakage since I am willing to torture it a little but that's the point of buying a cheaper firearm. It doesn't need to be dependable like a CCW pistol but I would be really upset if I wasted a drive to the range only to find that it didn't feed because it was filthy.

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    Hi point

    A hi point firearm is not a close tolerance machinery piece, If you had the chance to disassemble one, that is the first thing you'll notice.

    In fact I'd be surprised if you can't find something in your garage to fix it, like once I lost the spring on the firing pin, and I used one i had around, (I collect about every thing metal I find, screws,bolts springs etc.) until they sent me one, it is pretty much a very utilitarian tool, that doesn't require much attention.

    I guess that would be a reason why they don't clean it, i do it about every 500 rounds, which is about 10 boxes.

    If anything would fail is the magazines, if fail to feed happens, it's the mags.

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    Add the AR15 to your list. Some people say you can fire 3000 rounds without cleaning the AR 15. They sometimes confuse the Ar15 with the AK.

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    I assume you're talking about the Hi-Point carbines. I don't know what your experience is with them (whether you have one or not). I do, and they're not the easiest thing to disassemble for cleaning. I haven't fired 2-3k rounds through mine without cleaning, and probably never will, but I can understand them doing it. It's a pain to clean, and because of the loose tolerances, will run dirty. I'm not saying I endorse doing it, but I can understand why they would.

    Just my .02