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A Close Look at the FN FXP .45ACP

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I made a studio video on the FN FNX .45ACP. It's a fantastic pistol and I thought it deserved a bit of a better, closer look than is usual with most YouTube videos.

[ame=""]Check out the video by clicking here.[/ame]

Any of you guys have one? What do you think?
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Nice video! I do not hav the fnx, but I do have the fnp in .45 and love it. Just seemto not be able to find any mags for it, every place I look it is on back order.
Yup, same here!!
If the FNX was on my agency's approved list I would probably have one on my hip as I type. As it was not, I got my G-20
I'm surprised your agency allows 10mm. Are a lot of PD's allowing this or is yours unique? I've always wanted a G20 for HD and camping. Thanks for your service.
Paul, thank you for an instructive video about the FNX line of pistols. It is presented in a clear and detailed manner.

I appreciate your contribution to my understanding of the FNX.
Thanks, sir, appreciate it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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