a bull barrel kit with magpul grips and magpul stock...is it possible?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by coyotetracker, May 8, 2010.

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    Hello, im new here on this forum...and the reason i joined is because i would like to build an ar15 from the ground up, and id like to get some opinions on some things first. id be really appreciative for any and all opinions...that being said...

    id like to purchase the kit from this link....

    Rifle kit, varmint, 16 bull stainless barrel [AR-RKV16] - $449.00 :: AK Parts kits - Superb Products

    and i would like to add the magpul hand guards from this link...


    and also the stock from this link...and im not sure which stock id need from this link...


    so my questions are...can i put these hand guards on a bull barrel? is the bull barrel too wide for them? will i need to get a different buffer tube for these MOE stocks?

    id appreciate all the help i can get on these, and all opinions...