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    Pat on the back. ;) I'm a bit proud to be a 21 y/o female on her way to owning my CPL. Finished my class Saturday. :)

    That being said, they were a tad contradicting. Two points they continued to make were stopping power. Not just pissing the person off...and the fact that the NRA does not recommend much more than a 357 for home protection. (If I remember correctly)...in the case that you miss your target, or it goes straight through into another room.

    Now I've never been shot, but I would think it doesn't feel good, no matter what caliber. They also talked about shooting until the threat is gone, so if I empty my mag, I'm not thinking you're going anywhere.

    I've also been taught to know my surroundings. If I have the potential of injuring an innocent person, I believe the situation needs to be handled differently.

    I understand its all about what I am personally comfortable with. I plan to shoot as many guns as possible until I find my fit...but a few points they made were contradicting.
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    Everyone has what they claim to be the best round. The .357 will penetrate a wall most likely, and could cause potential problems. For home defense some swear by shotguns. I have my 45acp that I use, as I keep long guns locked up. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter running around. Situational awareness is always great, will help to keep you safe.

    Your doing the right thing by shooting lots of different guns, find what you like. Be it a .25 caliber pistol or a .45, as the saying goes, "it's better to hit with a .22, than miss with a .44 mag."

    Congrats on working on your CPL. It's a big responsibility that also helps with peace of mind.

    Welcome to the forum by the way.

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    Shelbs, congrats on your decision and welcome to your new addiction!! :)

    IMHO, the whole 'stopping power' thing is subjective at best. Look at it this way...a hit with a .22 is better than a miss with a .45...The single most important factor is how well you can perform with your firearm, not so much the caliber...

    I don't know anything about NRA recomendations but your choice in caliber is a personal one. With home protection you'll have to take into consideration your surroundings...IE-Do you live in an apt or house? Neighbors close by or some distance away...

    As with any SD situation, you shoot until the threat has stopped, no more, no less. Say in a SD encounter, you score two hits to the chest, and 5 more to the back...you gots some 'splainin to do...:eek:

    You sound like you have a good leg up on the whole thing but keep in mind, there is ALWAYS something more to learn. Know the laws for your state and know them well. Knowledge is your best defense.

    Use this site for your legalities, they do a pretty good job of keeping it updated as the laws frequently change...


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    1st off welcome, congrats, yada yada yada :)
    2nd i really feel the "classes" are way too much technical jargon & legal bs about what you can & can't do with your firearm instead of actually the teaching of how to use whatever you "train" with with confidence & skill ----------
    That been said i'd just advise you to become as confident & skillfull as possible with what ever CCW you choose to use ;)
    As long as you use at least a full house 45acp you'll be fine & safe :D
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    There's simply way too many variables to make any blanketed claims or coverall statements about this. For Home defense just get yourself a 20ga with bird shot or #3 buck or something like that.

    I have a 45 that I shot through two home walls and one door then continued into a metal workout bench and ended there. Density matters, there's different grades of sheet rock used in different homes. Also apartments are way thinner walled, many will have rules about gun ownership which they can enforce and evict if you ignore.

    The 357 loaded with federal protection ammo is the single most awesome round there is in my book. I don't use it for protection because I hate revolvers and shoot them terribly.

    A 22lr can, will, and has killed. Shot placement matters, and it depends on your ability to control the firearm. So use what you shoot well.

    I rely on my 45 and 9mm for night defense in my home. Around the house in my shorts or sweats is my wee 25 gut buster in my pocket.

    Knowing your surroundings is great, but hitting your target is absolute key. My advice is to ignore what you've heard and use what you know and are good with. A solid, reliable, accurate, and proven platform defeats all speculation and conjecture is all anyone can do without daunting specifics about your situation and setup.
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    Thank you! Thank you! I am so excited! andd very ready for the responsibility. I found it a bit off putting how easy the class was to pass. I know the process is not over yet, and I assume that is where they weed out some people.

    I currently live in a small town, the houses aren't on top of one another. Everyone in my family hunts, and I've always been around guns. One of these days I will move out though. Being the broke college student that I am, I'll likely live in an apartment, and I don't know that a shot gun would be the best option. Though, everyone I have talked to has recommended it.

    We'll see. Luckily living in a small town, we've got lots of land around us....and friends with guns guns guns. ha that's one of my favorite things about living out here. Everyone has guns, and no one minds letting you try them out because that more than likely will mean you'll join in on the love for guns. <3 me a small town!!
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    Isn't small town life just beautiful. So many things that most overlook are so prevalent and pronounced. There's something to not walking through life with your head down in a smartphone not making eye contact with passersby. My friends from the city all say I've gone native, I just think I've opened my eyes finally. ;D

    As for the class, there's a state to state variance. Mine is simple, nothing to pass, no written or shooting test, just listen for an hour as your instructor tells you how not to get in trouble if you defend yourself and a basic background check. To me that's more than sufficient. Other States require nothing more than a desire, where some have stringent testing. Not knowing yours I'm guessing there will be little weeding out going on. A moron could sit still, listen and pretend to care. Most of those morons will go no further than the classes, some might buy guns but never ammo and never use them. The weeding out will be done by their own lack of commitment to anything. Lol

    Anyway, good luck, be safe, be smart and enjoy and respect the privilege of having the right to bear arms and protect yourself!
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    Welcome Shelbs...

    The "stopping power" debate will rage forever but most experienced hand gunners would tell you that when it comes to being armed with a handgun... you are "barely" armed. For this reason, most of us stick with what is considered a "major" caliber. These range from:

    9 mm
    .38 Special
    .357 Mag
    .40 S&W
    .44 Mag
    .45 ACP

    How comfortable you are with any given caliber will depend upon the platform your shooting it out of.

    Example, at the age of 12 my daughter could handle a Full Size 5" Colt 1911 chambered in .45 ACP no problem. She is 17 now and can not handle a sub compact Kahr PM 9 chambered for 9 mm.

    The best advise I could give you is to stay away from pocket guns and "minor" calibers.

    Consider "where" your going to carry this handgun. If you plan to carry "on the body" great but unless you wear baggy style "mens" pants... a pocket gun wont be doing you much good.

    If your going to "purse" carry... there is no need to handicap yourself with a tiny, stiff trigger, hard to shoot "noisy cricket". Get a "normal" sized gun and look into concealment holster purses that keeps the weapon on it's own dedicated "quick access" pocket so it's not under 7 inches of make up and lord knows what else you ladies carry is those "mystery bags". :D

    Good Luck... Try Lots of guns... Be Safe... and WELCOME TO THE CLUB!


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    i don't want anyone throwing a rock at me, much-less a 45grain lead rock @1200 feet per second!
    as far as penatration of ammo through walls, there are several types of specialty rounds that are designed for defense
    as well as not over penatrating
    glaser for example is designed not to ricochet, and over penatrate.
    not cheap, but you are not going to shoot at the range all day with that round.

    food for thought
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    Congrats Shelbs, I could say a lot and not add anything that would help you out. Good luck and train often.