A better day at the reloading bench.

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    I finally decided to buy a Mr. Bullet Feeder for my Dillon RL650. Now it's like producing ammo in a factory. (Almost) I did 100 rounds in 8 minutes. I know I can go faster but I still need to adjust the collator to keep a few bullets from loading upside down.

    Not a problem, they are easy to notice and only takes a second or two to manually turn them over.

    No bullets dropping off the brass, nice tight fit production is much better.

    Wish I would have done it earlier. And the best part it was FREE.

    I found about $1000 worth of equipment that I haven't used in two years. Sold it and was able to get the bullet feeder.

    Now that's a good deal.
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    Been looking for information on these. Thanks for your post.,

    Do you have any caliber conversion kits, and how easy/difficult is conversion.

    Did you get the big one with the collator or the mini?

    Please keep us up to date on this.

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