A ball park price on this rife please.

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  1. I am putting this rifle on the market here locally and i dont really know what to ask for it. Tell me what you guys would sell it for if it was yours. It is a bit of a Frankinstien rifle. It has a NDS-3 receiver,Drangonov style butt stock, Tapco fore end tri rail, folding vert grip, Tapco muzzle brake,1x plastic waffle mag 1x 5rd steel mag and 2x steel 30rd mags, here are some pics. Thanks for any help.

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  2. Seriously? No body can help me out. Not even a troll response.:confused:

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    I would ask no less than 500, I just bought a SKS with only the Dragnov style stock for 250. Yours has alot more extra features to it that would make it more. Good luck